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Copyright and Licensing
1. "Galacticraft" and "the Galacticraft project" means the plugin for
Forge-modified Minecraft (see section 10 below) which is distributed as a
compiled binary through the home page and whose source code is or
has been published on Github in the micdoodle8/Galacticraft and
micdoodle8/MicdoodleCore repositories. Galacticraft's "source code" means the
material, including Java code, other programming code, image, textures,
models, sound files and other binary files, published within the
micdoodle8/Galacticraft and micdoodle8/MicdoodleCore repositories on Github,
subject to section 18 below in relation to "dependencies", and any related
material including the text, design and artwork on the Wiki which is
published on or any other official Galacticraft website.
2. Galacticraft is a copyright work, and the copyright belongs to the
Galacticraft developers. The "Galacticraft developers" means the persons
known by the Github usernames micdoodle8, radfast and fishtaco567
and any additional person whom the Galacticraft developers deem to become
one of the Galacticraft developers in future. References herein to the
Galacticraft developers shall be construed jointly and severally.
3. The "overriding principle" is that Galacticraft is intended to be
open-source software with its source code distributed freely on Github (or
any similar technological means which allows for the distribution of source
code via the internet to any interested person), available to all on a free
for non-commercial use basis as detailed further below.
4. Nothing in this Licence shall interfere with that overriding principle
and no rights granted by this Licence shall interfere with the continuing ability of
the Galacticraft developers to modify, supplement and publish Galacticraft's
source code on to Github and to distribute, through Github or elsewhere, any
compiled or binary code based thereon.
5. Contributions to Galacticraft in the form of code, code snippets,
pull requests, translations, artwork, sounds, music, or other similar
contributions are welcomed. Issue reports and comments, forum posts,
editing of the Wiki, and other user contributions are also welcomed
and are classed as "contributions" to the project for these purposes. Any
person contributing in that form (a "Contributor"), by the act of
contributing, (a) assigns the copyright in that contribution to the
Galacticraft developers; (b) in any event, authorises the distribution of
that contribution thereafter as a part of the Galacticraft project through
Github or otherwise; (c) consents to Galacticraft's developers licensing
that contribution as a part of the Galacticraft project as set out in
section 20 and following below.
6. No Contributor shall be entitled, by a claim to copyright relating to
their contribution or any other code or material in Galacticraft, or by any
other means, to interfere with the overriding principle. In particular, no
Contributor shall be entitled, by reason of that contribution or otherwise,
to attempt to prevent the continuing publication of Galacticraft's source code
on Github or any distribution or licensing of Galacticraft.
7. A Contributor does not become one of the Galacticraft developers by the
act of contribution, unless the Galacticraft developers deem otherwise in
their sole discretion (which would require a large scale, sustained and
substantial contribution to the project).
8. In the event of a Contributor making (whether deliberately or
inadvertently) a contribution which wholly or partly comprises material in
which a third party ("the original copyright holder") holds the copyright,
the Contributor shall (a) not seek to enforce or assist in the enforcement
of that copyright against Galacticraft nor by any other means prevent the
continuing publication of Galacticraft on Github whether by means of DMCA
notices or otherwise, which shall be a matter for the original copyright
holder only; (b) the Contributor shall indemnify and hold harmless the
Galacticraft developers against any loss or damage, consequential loss, or
costs arising out of the contribution of the said material to Galacticraft.
Interaction with Mojang's EULA
9. Mojang AB ("Mojang") holds the copyright in the game known as Minecraft
(herein, "vanilla" Minecraft).
10. Galacticraft is popularly referred to as a Minecraft "Mod", but more
accurately it is a plugin. A separate project known as Forge modifies the
code of vanilla Minecraft. Galacticraft does not itself modify the code of
Minecraft but it provides new original material (a "plugin") which is
interoperable with Forge-modified Minecraft. On this basis Galacticraft is
considered by the Galacticraft developers to be a plugin rather than a Mod,
but whether that is correct or not shall not affect the validity of this
document and the licence granted hereby, which shall apply in the same way in
either case.
11. The purpose of Galacticraft is to supplement the gameplay experience of
a player playing modified Minecraft through the use of Galacticraft's
original material which is contained in compiled binary versions of
Galacticraft (including code, graphics, textures, icons, models, sounds and
music). The player will need to be running Minecraft, together with the
Forge modifications, in order to enjoy the gameplay experience contained in
a compiled version of Galacticraft.
12. Galacticraft contains references to Forge-modified Minecraft (including
vanilla Minecraft code) for interoperability reasons only. Galacticraft -
in either its source code or its compiled binaries - does not contain a
vanilla or Forge-modified copy of Minecraft as such, and there is no intent,
in or through Galacticraft, to "distribute" any material in which Mojang
holds the copyright.
13. Galacticraft's source code can be read by anyone and Minecraft is not
required in order to read and enjoy the Galacticraft source code.
Galacticraft's compiled binaries, however, can provide a gameplay experience
only to a person who is running Minecraft.
14. Accordingly, the rights of Mojang AB as copyright owner in respect of
Minecraft do not and would not prevent the distribution of Galacticraft's
source code.
15. In any event, to the extent that it is relevant, the Galacticraft
developers are permitted by Mojang's EULA for Minecraft to distribute
Galacticraft. Specifically, that EULA provides (sic):
"If you've bought the Game, you may play around with it and modify it. ...
Basically, mods (or plugins, or tools) are cool (you can distribute
"Any tools you write for the Game from scratch belong to you. Modifications
to the Game ("Mods") (including pre-run Mods and in-memory Mods) and plugins
for the Game also belong to you and you can do whatever you want with them,
as long as you don't sell them for money / try to make money from them."
In quoting Mojang's EULA as aforesaid, no representation or admission is
made that Mojang's authorisation is in fact required to distribute
Galacticraft or its source code or as to the meaning of that EULA or
expressions within it, which shall be a question of law to be resolved in
any relevant jurisdiction where the question arises, but if and to the
extent that such authorisation is required, it is authorised.
Libraries etc
16. Galacticraft incorporates code snippets and libraries written by third
17. All such third party code is distributed within the Galacticraft
project subject to whichever licence was originally applicable to it and
subject also to the terms herein as set out below. Reference should be
made to the original third party code for licensing information.
18. The code of Galacticraft's dependencies (that is to say, anything in
the /dependencies folder in the Galacticraft Github project, which includes
other mod's APIs) is included on the Github for interoperability reasons
only. This is for the convenience of developers wishing to make use of the
Galacticraft source code in their own development environment without
compilation errors. The dependencies are not distributed within
Galacticraft's compiled binaries and are not part of the copyright work
known as Galacticraft which is licensed under this licence.
19. The code of all dependencies within the Galacticraft project is subject
to whichever licence was originally applicable to that code. Reference
should be made to the original code for licensing information.
Galacticraft: licence
20. Galacticraft is free for non-commercial use. The compiled
binaries in Galacticraft are made freely available to all players.
The Galacticraft project source code can be accessed and used
on an open-source basis by any person, except that (a) no person can
sell it or any derived work for money or try to make money from it,
(b) no person can interfere with the overriding principle. The
detailed terms and provisions set out below shall apply in all cases.
21. Where the Galacticraft project or its source code incorporates or
includes material ("the Part") which is subject to a third party copyright
or licence ("the original licence") then (a) to the maximum extent that
the law allows in every relevant jurisdiction, the terms of the licence
herein or any severable terms or provisions of this licence shall apply,
in addition to or in place of the terms of the original licence, to the
Part as incorporated in the Galacticraft project; and (b) where and to
the extent that that is not possible (for example because a term of the
original licence is not compatible with this licence and the law requires
the original licence to prevail) then to that extent the terms of the
original licence shall apply in relation to the Part only, and the
remainder of the Galacticraft project shall be licensed on the terms
herein both part by part and as an overall compilation.
22. "On an open-source basis" means that Galacticraft's source code is
published in accordance with the overriding principle. The Galacticraft
developers will use best endeavours to continue to make Galacticraft's
source code available in that way. This meets the Galacticraft developers'
obligations under the GPL or LGPL (where applicable) to provide access to
source code. The Galacticraft developers will not be liable in the event of
the discontinued operation of Github or other force majeure preventing
public access to the source code or any repository containing it.
23. The restriction on persons selling Galacticraft for money or "trying to
make money from it" does not prevent: (a) a person making money from an
advertisement which that person provides to a player who downloads, free of
charge, a modpack containing a compiled binary of Galacticraft together
with other mods, subject to the additional conditions in section 37 below;
(b) a server owner who charges a fee or receives donations from players
playing on a server which offers a Galacticraft gameplay experience to players
who have themselves installed Galacticraft in their clients, so long as the
server does not disable player access to critical (in contrast to cosmetic)
features, items or blocks in Galacticraft or make player access to parts or
stages of Galacticraft conditional on payment ("pay to win"); and (c) a person
from making a video recording of a Galacticraft gameplay experience and
distributing that video on Youtube, Twitch or similar internet video distribution
channels and making money in consequence of the video or related advertisements.
24. No undertaking or warranty is given that Galacticraft is suitable for
use on any computer system or in any modpack, that it is stable and
crash-free and interoperable with other "mods", or that there will be no
loss or corruption of data or internet connectivity through the use of
Galacticraft. Galacticraft is provided "as is". It is the responsibility
of every player, modpack maker and server owner to test and confirm
Galacticraft's suitability for the intended use. In any event, the
liability of the Galacticraft developers to any person using Galacticraft
shall be limited to such monetary amount, if any (and otherwise zero), as
that person has paid to the Galacticraft developers for the use of
Galacticraft. These exclusions and limitations of liability shall apply to
the maximum extent permitted by law in every relevant jurisdiction.
25. Galacticraft may be updated from time to time, but the Galacticraft
developers are not obliged to update Galacticraft and are not obliged to fix
bugs, crashes or issues which may be identified now or in future, which
shall be done at the sole discretion of the Galacticraft developers.
26. The Galacticraft project may be discontinued at any time, at the sole
discretion of the Galacticraft developers, in which case users of
Galacticraft may continue to use such source code or compiled versions as
they may have downloaded at that time on the terms applicable to them at
that time, but no further access to Galacticraft or its source code will be
provided by the Galacticraft developers.
27. Galacticraft may either now or in future contain or display code,
graphics or text which makes reference to, links to, communicates with or
advertises either Galacticraft or its associated website(s) or other projects
of the Galacticraft developers or any of them. In that event, as a condition
of the continued use of Galacticraft, no user of Galacticraft (and in
particular, no server owner or modpack maker) shall block, disable or
prevent such reference, link, communication or advertising.
28. (a) Any person may make free use of Galacticraft's API and may freely
copy and distribute the API to the extent required for interoperability reasons.
(b) Any person may study Galacticraft's source code and may copy it, modify it,
reverse engineer it or otherwise use it for that person's own personal use
or any non-commercial academic purpose (but this does not permit distribution
and this does not permit inclusion or copying of any part of Galacticraft
or any derivative works in any commercial work or for any commercial purpose).
(c) Licence is granted to all persons to copy, use and modify
non-substantial parts (as defined below) of the Galacticraft project (including its
source code) for any non-commercial purpose and to incorporate such non-substantial
parts as appropriate and reasonable in their own non-commercial projects, including
other Minecraft mods or plugins, provided that no person other than the Galacticraft
developers may present Galacticraft's source code as being their own work, and any
derived work must contain appropriate author attribution. Any commercial use of a work
derived from Galacticraft shall continue to be prohibited.
(d) "Non-substantial parts" means any part other than the whole or a substantial
element of Galacticraft: for example a single Java method would be a non-substantial part.
A "substantial part" includes anything which when compiled into playable form (together with
any other code from any origin required to render it playable) replicates or reproduces
to any substantially similar extent the gameplay, graphics, sound or visual design of
Galacticraft or any identifiable or material part or gameplay element of Galacticraft
(including for example the player experience of visiting any individual planet,
dimension or world which is represented in Galacticraft, the appearance of any 'mob'
or entity in Galacticraft, and any game screen or GUI which is specific to Galacticraft).
All textured models (for example rockets, landers, mobs and other entities) included
in Galacticraft are individually deemed to be "substantial parts".
(e) Distribution of the whole of Galacticraft, in unaltered compiled binary form,
is permitted ONLY in modpacks as set out further in section 37 below. Apart from modpacks,
distribution or copying of Galacticraft or any substantial part of it or any derived
work is PROHIBITED without permission from the developers. In particular, distribution
of out-dated, altered, modified, converted or partial copies of Galacticraft or its
binaries is prohibited. Copies or ports to other versions of Minecraft or Forge either in
Java or for non-Java gaming platforms including mobile or console versions are PROHIBITED
without the written permission of the Galacticraft developers.
(f) All permissions in this section 28 are subject to the proviso that no other person
may present Galacticraft's source code or any derived work or any compiled version as
being their own work or take any action which denies the Galacticraft developers'
ownership of the copyright in Galacticraft and rights to licence it and continued
ability to publish the source code in accordance with the overriding principle.
(g) Incorporation of Galacticraft or parts of it (or any derived work) in any commercial
project - including vanilla Minecraft itself or any installer, distribution, mod download
website, downloadable content or other resource which is available to paying users,
subscribers or members only, or is otherwise conditional on a purchase, or which is
distributed only to viewers of an advertisement (for example through an link
or similar) - would violate section 20(a) above and is PROHIBITED.
28A. The copying or distribution of Galacticraft in mod "installers",
for example Skydaz, is PROHIBITED and no licence is granted to distribute
Galacticraft or its binaries in that way. An "installer" here means a program,
script or system which has the sole or main function of installing
Galacticraft for a player. A system for downloading, installing and launching
modpacks comprising multiple mods presented together (for example Technic
or FeedTheBeast launchers) is not an "installer" for these purposes and distribution
of Galacticraft in modpacks is fully permitted in accordance with the modpack
permission in section 37 below.
28B. For the avoidance of doubt, the distribution or copying of Galacticraft
on mod download or re-distribution websites is PROHIBITED. (But bona fide
modpacks comprising multiple mods, distributed through CurseForge or FTB or
Technic platform or similar sites, are permitted in accordance with the modpack
permission in section 37 below.)
29. To the extent that Galacticraft uses parts of the code which are or have
previously been licensed on the LGPL or GPL basis or any other licensing
basis, that licence is to be applied subject to the above when such source
code or compiled binaries are distributed as part of the Galacticraft
project, and anything in the LGPL or GPL or other licence which is
inconsistent with the above shall not apply to Galacticraft as a whole.
In any event, users of Galacticraft are allowed to modify Galacticraft
code for their own use and to reverse engineer the distributed binaries
for the purpose of debugging such modifications.
30. A player playing Galacticraft within a Minecraft environment
may do so only if that player has a legitimately acquired copy of
Minecraft. Any other use of Galacticraft for a gameplay experience is
not authorised.
31. This copyright and licensing document itself is excluded from the
licence terms above. This is a copyright and proprietary legal document and
it must NOT be copied by any other person, in whole or in part, except for
purposes permitted by law.
Proper law, jurisdiction and updating
32. This document and the licence granted hereby are granted under the law
of Canada and should be interpreted accordingly.
33. The copyright in Galacticraft and the licence granted hereby are
applicable and enforceable in every jurisdiction where Galacticraft is used,
in accordance with these terms. References herein to "each relevant
jurisdiction" are to be read accordingly. "Copyright" includes to the
extent applicable also all the other intellectual property rights or equivalent
rights, as applicable in each relevant jurisdiction, which are held by the
author, writer, artist, designer, inventor, creator or other rights-holder of
the computer code, text, artwork, designs, technologies and sounds contained
in Galacticraft.
34. In the event that a part or provision of this document is ineffective
or not legally enforceable, that part or provision shall be severed from
and shall not affect the other parts and provisions of this document and
the licence granted hereby which shall continue to operate and to be
enforceable to the maximum extent that the law allows.
35. This document and the licence granted hereby may be updated from time
to time, in which case the updated terms apply to any person continuing to
use Galacticraft or its source code after the date of such update, as a
condition of that continuing use. This document and licence applies on
the same basis to persons who downloaded or obtained copies of Galacticraft
or its source code prior to the date this document first came into force
and who continue to use Galacticraft thereafter.
36. A person downloading or otherwise obtaining a copy of Galacticraft or
its source code does not thereby obtain ownership of Galacticraft, but
merely a copy of it which may be used only on the terms licenced by the
Galacticraft developers from time to time as set out herein.
Modpacks permission
37. Permission is hereby granted for Galacticraft (in its compiled, Java
version in the form of .jar binary files) to be incorporated in any
modpack without further authorisation from the Galacticraft developers, on
the basis set out in sections 1 to 36 above - note in particular the
prohibitions on commercial use - and subject to the following
additional points: (a) a modpack must not incorporate the word
"Galacticraft" in its name nor in any other way present itself as being an
"official" Galacticraft modpack; (b) modpacks are not required to provide
players with a link to Galacticraft's source code, but they must not attempt
to deny access to Galacticraft's source code nor otherwise interfere with
the overriding principle; (c) the Galacticraft code and other elements
in the compiled binary must not be altered and every copy of Galacticraft's
compiled binary code must include, within the relevant .jar or .zip or other
packaged file, a copy of this LICENSE.txt; (d) modpacks must so far as
reasonably possible distribute an up-to-date version of Galacticraft; (e)
a 'modpack' here means a compilation of Galacticraft with other mods to
create a bona fide pack of multiple mods playable in the Java versions of
Minecraft combined with Forge.