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@@ -320,6 +320,18 @@ a single string containing all of the person's sports, separated by commas.
Notice how altering the `this` object in place alters the result array
+### Extract Only The "Age" Property Of Each Element ###
+Normally we would modify the input set in place, by manipulating the `this`
+object, which would be returned by default after each iteration. However,
+sometimes we want only a single field from the input set.
+ cat /tmp/t | jsawk 'return this.age'
+Putting a return statement in the script expression causes the default
+return of `this` to be short-circuited, replacing this element with the
+return value in the output set.
### JSON Grep: Select Certain Elements From Input ###
Sometimes you want to use awk to select certain records from the input set,
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