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@@ -337,9 +337,6 @@ patterns.
2. Use an after script (`-a` option) to do things to the JSON result set
after all transformations are completed by the main script.
-When doing aggregate operations like this, it is likely that you will want to
-suppress the JSON result set output, and either use the `-n` option
### Count How Many Elements Are In The Input Array
Here we use an after script to modify the result set, like this:
@@ -349,6 +346,21 @@ Here we use an after script to modify the result set, like this:
Notice how the entire results array is replaced by the single number and
printed to stdout.
+### Get a Sorted, Unique List of All Sports
+This is an example of a JSON-to-JSON transformation that uses an after
+script to manipulate the result set. It should produce an array of all
+sports played by the people in the input set, sorted lexically, and with
+all duplicate elements removed.
+ cat /tmp/t \
+ | jsawk 'RS=RS.concat(this.sports); return null' -a 'return uniq(RS).sort()'
+Note the use of `return null` to prevent jsawk from adding the `this`
+object to the result set automatically. Instead we manipulated the result
+set explicitly, enabling each iteration to add more that one element to
+it---the entire `sports` array.
JSON-to-Text Transformations
@@ -357,6 +369,9 @@ produce text output instead of JSON, for cases where you will be extracting
information from a JSON data source and piping it to non JSON-accepting
processes elsewhere.
+It is frequently useful to supress the regular JSON output when doing
+JSON-to-Text transformations like these, with the `-n` option.
### Get A List Of All Sports
This one generates a list of all the sports that are played by the people

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