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@@ -50,23 +50,27 @@ Usage
source resty [-W] [remote] # load functions into shell
resty # prints current request URI base
- resty <remote> [curl opts] # sets the base request URI
+ resty <remote> [OPTIONS] # sets the base request URI
- HEAD [path] [curl opts] # HEAD request
- OPTIONS [path] [curl opts] # OPTIONS request
- GET [path] [-Z] [curl opts] # GET request
- DELETE [path] [-Z] [curl opts] # DELETE request
- PUT [path] [data|-V] [-Z] [curl opts] # PUT request
- POST [path] [data|-V] [-Z] [curl opts] # POST request
- TRACE [path] [-Z] [curl opts] # TRACE request
+ HEAD [path] [OPTIONS] # HEAD request
+ OPTIONS [path] [OPTIONS] # OPTIONS request
+ GET [path] [OPTIONS] # GET request
+ DELETE [path] [OPTIONS] # DELETE request
+ PUT [path] [data] [OPTIONS] # PUT request
+ POST [path] [data] [OPTIONS] # POST request
+ TRACE [path] [OPTIONS] # TRACE request
+ -Q Don't URL encode the path.
+ -q <query> Send query string with the path. A '?' is prepended to
+ <query> and concatenated onto the <path>.
-W Don't write to history file (only when sourcing script).
-V Edit the input data interactively in 'vi'. (PUT and POST
requests only, with data piped to stdin.)
-Z Raw output. This disables any processing of HTML in the
+ <curl opt> Any curl options will be passed down to curl.
Request URI Base
@@ -128,8 +132,22 @@ Resty will always [URL encode]
( the path,
except for slashes. (Slashes in path elements need to be manually encoded as
`%2F`.) This means that the `?`, `=`, and `&` characters will be encoded, as
-well as some other problematic characters. See the query string howto below
-for the way to send query parameters in GET requests.
+well as some other problematic characters. To disable this behavior use the
+`-Q` option.
+Query Strings
+There are two ways to add a query string to the path. The first, mentioned
+above, is to disable URL with the `-Q` option, and include the query string
+with the path parameter, like this:
+ GET '/blogs/47?param=foo&otherparam=bar' -Q
+To specify a query string without disabling URL encoding on the path the
+`-q` option is used, like this:
+ GET /blogs/47 -q 'param=foo&otherparam=bar'
POST/PUT Requests and Data
@@ -213,19 +231,6 @@ Here are some useful options to try:
* **-u \<username:password\>** HTTP basic authentication
* **-H \<header\>** add request header (this option can be added more than
- * **-d/-G** send query string parameters with a GET request (see below)
-Query Strings For GET Requests
-Since the path parameter is URL encoded, the best way to send query parameters
-in GET requests is by using curl's commnand line arguments. For example,
-to make a GET request to `/Something?foo=bar&baz=baf` you would do:
- GET /Something -d foo=bar -d baz=baf -G
-This sends the name/value pairs specified with the `-d` options as a query
-string in the URL.
Default Curl Options

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