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@@ -51,13 +51,14 @@ Usage
source resty [-W] [remote] # load functions into shell
resty # prints current request URI base
resty <remote> # sets the base request URI
- HEAD [path] [curl opts] # does HEAD request
- OPTIONS [path] [curl opts] # does OPTIONS request
- GET [path] [-Z] [curl opts] # does GET request
- DELETE [path] [-Z] [curl opts] # does DELETE request
- PUT [path] [data|-V] [-Z] [curl opts] # does PUT request
- POST [path] [data|-V] [-Z] [curl opts] # does POST request
- TRACE [path] [-Z] [curl opts] # does TRACE request
+ HEAD [path] [curl opts] # HEAD request
+ OPTIONS [path] [curl opts] # OPTIONS request
+ GET [path] [-Z] [curl opts] # GET request
+ DELETE [path] [-Z] [curl opts] # DELETE request
+ PUT [path] [data|-V] [-Z] [curl opts] # PUT request
+ POST [path] [data|-V] [-Z] [curl opts] # POST request
+ TRACE [path] [-Z] [curl opts] # TRACE request
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