'-W' needs to be *after* URL prefix argument. README says otherwise. #10

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trentm commented Jan 10, 2011


At least for me on a Solaris box I've found that this example in the README doesn't work:

. /path/to/resty -W 'https://myhost.com/data*.json'

For the equivalent to work for me, I needed to use the '-W' after the URL prefix argument like so:

. /path/to/resty 'https://myhost.com/data*.json' -W

A concrete example: Here I've added an "echo" statement to show the 'curl' command-line that is being called. Hopefully that gives you enough of a hint:

[root@mybox ~]# . resty/resty -W '*'
[root@mybox ~]# GET /
curl -sLv  -X GET -b /root/.resty/c/-W -c /root/.resty/c/-W http://-W/
[root@mybox ~]# . resty/resty  '*' -W
[root@mybox ~]# GET /
curl -sLv  -X GET -b /root/.resty/c/ -c /root/.resty/c/
  <error>Not authorized
[root@mybox ~]# 

Where, in my case that "..." XML output is the expected response.

Ideas? It is possible this is a Solaris vs. Linux difference, but I haven't traced through the Bash code path handling '-W'.


micha commented Jan 10, 2011

Ah. That was a bug. It should work correctly (as in the README) now. Thanks!

This issue was closed.

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