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@@ -1,42 +1,5 @@
h1. Blueprint CSS Framework Authors and Contributors
-Blueprint is based on the work of many talented people. It is
-through their good intentions we are allowed to use many of the
-techniques found in the framework.
+Blueless is based on Blueprint. For the awesomeness that is Blueprint, please see:
-h2. Current Team
-Blueprint was realized and maintained through version 0.7.1 by
-"Olav Bjorkoy": who has sinced passed the torch
-to the current team. They are:
-* "Christian Montoya":
-* "Josh Clayton":
-* "Glenn Rempe":
-* "Chris Eppstein":
-* "Sean K. Stewart":
-h2. Original CSS authors
-The first iteration of Blueprint was built upon many conventions
-and ideas that were developed by true CSS experts.
-The grid and typography is based on work by:
-* "Jeff Croft":
-* "Nathan Borror":
-* "Christian Metts":
-* "Wilson Miner":
-The CSS reset is based on work by:
-* "Eric Meyer":
-The Fancy Type plugin is based on work by:
-* "Mark Boulton":
-* "Typogrify":
-(However, remember that these people are not involved with the
-framework, so please don't waste their or your time asking them
-for support.)
+Blueless is maintained by Bearded Studio:
@@ -1,159 +1,9 @@
-Blueprint CSS Framework Change Log
+Blueless CSS Framework Change Log
-Version 0.9 - Date May 29, 2009
+Version 1.0 - Date October 27, 2010
New features:
- * Changed all conditional comments to [if lt IE 8] for IE 8 compatibility [CMM]
- * Updated forms code to align inline form elements, with additions for IE 6 [CMM]
- * Use <form class="inline"> for inline forms
- * Use classes "text", "button", "radio" and "checkbox" on inputs for IE 6 compatibility
+ * Now up to date with Blueprint CSS 1.0
-Version 0.8 - Date November 11, 2008
- New features:
- * Much of the flexibility of 0.6 has been pushed back into the core [CMM]
- * Plugins from 0.6 are now back in the core [CMM]
- Bug fixes:
- * Lots. See
-Version 0.7.1 - Date February 21, 2008
- New features:
- * Rubydoc for compressor [JC]
- Bug fixes:
- * Fixed bug in the compressor related to Rubygems. [JC]
- * <tt> should be inline, not block. [OFB]
-Version 0.7 - February 19, 2008
- New features:
- * New directory structure. [OFB]
- * New compressor script. [JC]
- * Ability to set custom namespace for BP classes. [JC]
- * Optional custom column count and widths. [JC]
- * Ability to add your own CSS files. [JC]
- * Custom output paths. [JC]
- * Support for multiple projects. [JC]
- * Semantic class naming from CSS rules. [JC]
- * Automatic compression for plugins. [JC]
- * Compressed version of ie.css. [OFB]
- * Alternating table row colors. [OFB]
- * Added class .showgrid to see the grid of any column or container. [OFB]
- * No need for .column! You now have to use divs for columns,
- but you can still use span/prepend/append for other elements as well.
- In other words, div.span-x now implies that the element is a .column. [OFB]
- Bug fixes:
- * Sidebar alignment in tests/sample.html. [OFB]
- * Line-height on sub/sup. [OFB]
- * Clearfix not properly applied to container. [OFB]
- * Misc validation errors in tests. [OFB]
- * Proper margin on address. [OFB]
- * Unwanted bottom margin on nested lists. [OFB]
- * Form labels with unwanted fancy-type indentation. [OFB]
- * Proper margin on all form elements. [OFB]
- * No margins for images in headings. [OFB]
- * Push-x bottom margin. [OFB]
- * Vertical align set to middle on tables. [OFB]
- * Improved .notice, .error and .success color contrast. [OFB]
- * Size of input[text]. [OFB]
- * Baseline alignment of <h4>. [OFB]
- Misc:
- * Improved structure in print.css. [OFB]
- * Dual-licensed under MIT and GPL licenses. [OFB]
- * Changed name of .clear to .clearfix, and added .clear (clear:both;). [OFB]
-Version 0.6 - September 21, 2007
- * Created a new plugin, "iepngfix", that adds support for PNG transparency in IE5.5+ [OFB]
- * Added an IE stylesheet, updated the test files and the readme accordingly [OFB]
- * Re-added improved support for em units [OFB]
- * Lots of minor changes to typography.css and reset.css, provided by Christian Montoya [OFB]
- * Extracted the fancy typography section in typography.css to a new plugin [OFB]
- * Extracted the support for CSS buttons into a new plugin. [OFB]
- * Added new plugin structure. [OFB]
- * Changed some default fonts so that BP works better with ClearType in XP [OFB]
- * Re-added the hack for clearing floats without extra markup. [OFB]
- * Added Changelog.txt to track changes in each release. [GR]
- * Cleaned up and rationalized SVN dir structure. [GR, OFB]
- * print.css : removed reference to 'baseline.png' as it no longer exists. [GR]
- * grid.css : removed reference to '.first' css class as it no longer exists. [GR]
- * Added append-13 to append-23 and prepend-13 to prepend-23 to allow pushing elements
- to both extreme sides of the grid. Added test cases to tests/grid.css [GR]
- * Moved test sample files to blueprint/tests sub-directory so tests stay with the code. [GR]
- * Consolidated all references to release version number to screen.css [OFB]
- * Added ruby script (generate_compressed_css.rb) to scripts dir, and 'csstidy' binary (OS X Universal)
- for generating tidied version of Blueprint (lib/compressed.css).
- * Consolidated test pages into one single page (test.html). Uses compressed stylesheet by default. This ensures test of
- the chain of generation. (todo) Intention is to delete other test files if single file works well. (todo) ensure singular
- test file contains latest changes to other test files. [GR]
- * Moved the blueprint framework to its own folder in the package, so that the tests, script,
- license and readme don't clutter up our BP folder. [OFB]
- * Re-saved grid.png with Photoshop to remove Fireworks data which was bloating it.
- Now its about 3KB instead of 40+KB. Resolves Issue 22. [GR]
- * Moved compressed files to new compressed dir [OFB]
- * print.css is now also being generated by the compressor ruby script and is available for use.
- * Added new script 'validate_css.rb' which will validate all css files and present a report with
- a local java binary of the W3C validator.
- * Created an experimental CSS classes plugin, by popular demand. [OFB]
- * Improved handling of multi-line headings. [OFB]
- * Improved styling of <table>s, you may now use .span classes on <th>s to create tables that follow the grid. [OFB]
- * Added support for indented paragraphs to the Fancy-type plugin. [OFB]
- * Added a new plugin: link-icons. [OFB]
- * Seperated the plugins tests into their own file. [OFB]
- * Re-structured some of the tests.html sections. [OFB]
- * Added class ".colborder" to grid.css. [OFB]
- * Added .error, .notice and .success classes to typography.css. [OFB]
- * Added tests for more elements which gets reset in reset.css [OFB, GR]
- * Added forms.css, awaiting implementation. Moved form styling from typography.css [OFB]
- * Updated compressor script to include forms.css [OFB]
- * Improved forms.html tests for upcoming forms.css implementation. This will change based on the
- markup that forms.css will use. [OFB]
- * Fixed clearing image in button element bug in buttons.css [OFB]
- * Fixed bug where IE6 clips pushed/pulled elements. [OFB]
- * Fixed typo in grid.css formula. [OFB]
- * Fixed varying formatting across core files. [OFB]
- * Fixed legend element in IE6. [OFB]
- * Fixed indentation in test files. [OFB]
- * Removed tests for plugins not bundled with the next release. [OFB]
- * Improved styling of <h3>. [OFB]
- * Fixed indentation bug in ul/ol, removed some redundant styling. [OFB]
- * Fixed validation errors in tests. [OFB]
- * Changed IE stylesheet condition comment to include all versions of IE. [OFB]
- * Started on a new approach for the PNG plugin. Will not be included in this release. [OFB]
- * Fixed incorrect rendering of ol in IE6/7. [OFB]
- * Created a new, spiffier sample page. [OFB]
-Version 0.5 - August 28, 2007
- * Changed grid width from 14 to 24 columns [OFB]
- * Removed 'first' CSS class and the need to apply it to the first column in a row of columns. [OFB]
- * Reverted to using pixels instead of em units to specify vertical spacing due to baseline issues with
- all browsers except Firefox. [OFB]
- * New set of default fonts. (Experimental) [OFB]
- * Added test files [OFB]
-Version 0.4 - August 11, 2007
- * All font sizes and vertical margins are now elastic, through the use of em units.
- Resizing works great in every tested browser. [OFB]
- * Comes with a new, compressed version of BP, which reduces the size of the core files by 60 percent. [OFB]
- * Support for incremental leading, contributed by Mark Boulton. [OFB]
- * Adds perfected CSS buttons, by Kevin Hale of Particletree fame. [OFB]
- * Fixes all known IE bugs. [OFB]
- * Loads of minor fixes and additions. [OFB]
-Version 0.3 - March 8, 2007
- * Initial release of Blueprint (versions 0.1 and 0.2 were internal only).
60 README.textile
@@ -1,8 +1,6 @@
h1. Blueless CSS Framework Readme
-*Blueless is a fork of Blueprint that uses LESS - a lot. I'll add more docs soon.*
-Welcome to Blueprint! This is a CSS framework designed to cut down on your CSS development time. It gives you a solid foundation to build your own CSS on. Here are some of the features BP provides out-of-the-box:
+I'll do my best to keep Blueless up to date with what's offered by Blueprint! Blueprint is a CSS framework designed to cut down on your CSS development time. It gives you a solid foundation to build your own CSS on. Here are some of the features Blueprint provides out-of-the-box:
* An easily customizable grid
* Sensible default typography
@@ -12,15 +10,16 @@ Welcome to Blueprint! This is a CSS framework designed to cut down on your CSS d
* Powerful scripts for customization
* Absolutely no bloat!
-h2. Project Info
+Well, I didn't entirely agree with the "no bloat" part, so I decided to refactor Blueprint into a modular foundation for building web sites with the LESS syntax. This lib is built for less.js, which is much faster than the Ruby LESS: Here are some features that Blueless makes available:
-* *Web*: "":
-* *Source*: "":
-* *Wiki*: "":
-* *Bug/Feature Tracking*: "":
+* Blueprint's typography and grid classes available as mixins
+* Semantic class names (no span-12, etc. in HTML)
+* Friendly mixin syntax for grids (.column(12), etc.)
h2. Setup Instructions
+*These instructions are leftover from Blueprint. I'll add more eventually...*
Here's how you set up Blueprint on your site.
# Upload the "blueprint" folder in this folder to your server, and place it in whatever folder you'd like. A good choice would be your CSS folder.
@@ -33,51 +32,8 @@ Here's how you set up Blueprint on your site.
Remember to include trailing slashes (" />") in these lines if you're using XHTML.
# For development, add the .showgrid class to any container or column to see the underlying grid. Check out the @plugins@ directory for more advanced functionality.
-h2. Tutorials
-* "How to customize BP with the compressor script":
-* "How to use a grid in a layout":
-* "How to use a baseline in your typography":
-h2. Files in Blueprint
-The framework has a few files you should check out. Every file in the @src@ directory contains lots of (hopefully) clarifying comments.
-Compressed files (these go in the HTML):
-* @blueprint/screen.css@
-* @blueprint/print.css@
-* @blueprint/ie.css@
-Source files:
-* @blueprint/src/reset.css@<br/>
-This file resets CSS values that browsers tend to set for you.
-* @blueprint/src/grid.css@<br/>
-This file sets up the grid (it's true). It has a lot of classes you apply to @<div/>@ elements to set up any sort of column-based grid.
-* @blueprint/src/typography.css@<br/>
-This file sets some default typography. It also has a few methods for some really fancy stuff to do with your text.
-* @blueprint/src/forms.css@<br/>
-Includes some minimal styling of forms.
-* @blueprint/src/print.css@<br/>
-This file sets some default print rules, so that printed versions of your site looks better than they usually would. It should be included on every page.
-* @blueprint/src/ie.css@<br/>
-Includes every hack for our beloved IE6 and 7.
-* @lib/compress.rb@<br/>
-A Ruby script for compressing and customizing your CSS. Set a custom namespace, column count, widths, output paths, multiple projects, and semantic class names. See commenting in @compress.rb@ or run @$ruby compress.rb -h@ for more information.
-* @lib/validate.rb@<br/>
-Validates the Blueprint core files with the W3C CSS validator.
-* @blueprint/plugins/@<br/>
-Contains additional functionality in the form of simple plugins for Blueprint. See individual readme files in the directory of each plugin for further instructions.
-* @tests/@<br/>
-Contains html files which tests most aspects of Blueprint. Open @tests/index.html@ for further instructions.
h2. Extra Information
* For credits and origins, see AUTHORS.
-* For license instructions, see LICENSE.
+* For license instructions, see LICENSE. - This is still the Blueprint license. Not sure what to do about that.
* For the latest updates, see CHANGELOG.
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