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Responsive Website for a Second Year assignment at Solent University. Grade received: 74%
HTML CSS JavaScript Vue
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Link to gitHub repo: Click Here

Link to website wireframes (Behance): Click Here

View Testing: Click Here

View Evaluation: Click Here

While developing the website the W3Schools coding styles will be followed. The following HTML coding styles will be used throughout this project:

• Lower case should be used for element and attribute names

• All HTML elements must be closed

• Always add an alt attribute to image elements

• Lines of code should be a maximum of 80 characters

• The viewport must be set within the meta tag

• Lower case should be used when naming files

For this project Sass will be used within CSS.

The following are the Sass coding styles that will be followed throughout the development of this portfolio:

• Lines should be kept to a maximum of 80 characters

• Clarity should be favoured over abbreviations when naming variables

• Elements should be nested and not overlap

• Elements and attribute names should be all lowercase

• Empty elements should be self-closed with a space followed by a forward slash

The coding convention that will be used for JavaScript is that used by W3Schools. They cover naming and declaration rules, white space rules and programming practices and principles.

The following coding styles will be used for JavaScript throughout this project:

• Camel case (variableName) should be used for identifier names such as variables and functions.

• Global variables and constants should be in UPPERCASE

• There should be spaces places around operators and after commas

• 4 spaces should be used for indentation rather than using TAB

• Always end statements with a semicolon

• Line length should be a maximum of 80 characters

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