Small example analysis for blog post on essential data science tools. Download and analyse historic daily prices of BTC and ETH
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Cryptocurrencies price Analysis

A super simple analysis of how Bitcoin and Ethereum prices have changed over time, using daily prices from Coindesk.

Get started

To run a Jupyter Notebook to explore the data, and run the main analysis, run:

make notebook

This will run all the needed steps to run the main analysis (getting the raw data and transforming it).

The main analysis notebook is at

Getting the raw data

Data is downloaded in a CSV format from

To download the data, run:

make data

It will be saved to these files


We'll also do some slight transformation on the raw data (removing the attribution footer)


To transform the data to a format suitable for analysis, run:

make transform

If needed, this will build the docker image needed to run analysis. This will output to a file:


This file will contain a row for each daily price for each currency, denoted by the symbol column.