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Releases: michael-fadely/sa2-battle-network

Version 3.2

30 Apr 20:07
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  • Code changes required for networking are now only applied on connect, and reverted on disconnect.
  • Local settings are now restored after disconnecting from a server with different settings.
  • Disabled built in cheats (Yep! Leftover debug stuff) by default.
  • Removed --keep-active as this is now built into the mod loader using a more efficient method.
  • Implemented configuration file support. Will detail this soon.
  • Command-line parser now only accepts addresses in the format instead of 27015
  • Servers can now be password protected by using the --password parameter or with the Password field in the configuration file.
  • Next stage synchronization implemented. Any time in a best 2 of 3 race where you ended up in the same level when it changed was just a coincidence until now. I'm baffled.
  • Improved netstat by including estimated overhead.
  • Implemented preventative measures for spawn time desynchronization on round start.
  • Fixed a bug where music would fail to start, or start and then stop, at the beginning of a round (see #23)
  • Fixed a bug which would cause upgrades to go missing on the receiving end. (fixes #25)
  • Fixed an oversight which would send HP changes for non-mech characters
  • Implemented character ID synchronization - Random Battle now works correctly. (fixes #13)
  • Implemented synchronization for level groups which can affect certain aspects of the game.
  • Improved analog accuracy a bit. (see #19)
  • Fixed emerald spawn location desynchronization for good by simply setting and synchronizing a custom seed and disabling their stupid rand() in a for loop. (fixes issues #10 and #12)
  • Implemented proper powerup synchronization (shields etc) (fixes #29)
  • Implemented sanity check for splitscreen toggle (see #28)
  • Re-worked the way damage is handled. (see #33 and 455e8ed)

Version 3.1.1 Hotfix

27 Mar 22:23
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  • Fixed connection timing out due to a UDP packet sequence oversight.

Version 3.1

22 Jan 17:41
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Changes from 3.0:

  • Camera independent input.
  • Input rewrite now in place using OnInput and OnControl events. No frame latency!
  • Partial Emerald Hunting support (see #12 and #10).
  • Shooting is now much more playable, but not perfect. See #11.
  • Synchronized player damage, HP and ring counts via function call hooks; never desync again!
  • Teleportation only allowed with new flag from host, --cheats.
  • Network statistic logging now available with --netstat (logs to CSV in game directory).
  • Stage load lag compensation. The player who loaded first will wait for the player who is behind.
  • Stage change synchronization. Even if the menu desyncs, you'll still go to the same stage.
  • Random seed synchronization (although it's 0xDEAD0CAB 99% of the time anyway).
  • Console window now optional, but still recommended.
  • Overall accuracy and stability improvements (as well as some newly introduced instabilities! Fun!).
  • And of course, open source =P

I'm probably forgetting some things given that it's been over a year since the last release.