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Input mod that fixes XInput and certain DirectInput controllers using SDL2.
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sadx-input-mod is a mod for SADX PC that replaces the default DirectInput polling with SDL2 to enable more robust gamepad support. It allows the use of DirectInput and XInput controllers simultaneously.

What it can do

  • Configurable deadzones per analog stick
  • Configurable rumble intensity
  • Per-controller rumble (vanilla SADX only allows rumble for P1's controller)
  • Fixed right analog stick (first person camera bug) for XInput and some DirectInput controllers
  • Enables extended Dreamcast buttons C, D, and Z, mapped to LB (PSx L1), Back (PS1-PS3 Select, PS4 Share), and RB (PSx R1) respectively.

What it can't do

  • Configurable controls (SDL controller maps work though!)


To configure each controller, create a file called config.ini in the mod's root folder (mods/sadx-input-mod).

[Controller N] section

Where N is the controller slot to configure. In official builds, you can use and configure up to 8 controllers. Configurable controller fields are as follows:


Field Type Range Default Description
DeadzoneL integer 0, 32767 7849 Analog stick deadzone.
DeadzoneR integer 0, 32767 8689 Analog stick deadzone.
RadialL boolean 0, 1 1 Enables full range of motion on this analog stick.
RadialR boolean 0, 1 0 Ditto. If not explicitly configured and sadx-smooth-cam is detected, it is 1 by default.
TriggerThreshold integer 0, 32767 30 Trigger to digital conversion threshold.
RumbleFactor float 0.0, 1.0 1.0 Rumble multiplier. Values below 0 or above 1 have no effect.
MegaRumble boolean 0, 1 0 Always fire both motors while rumbling, never independently.


[Controller 1]
DeadzoneL = 4096
DeadzoneR = 4096
RadialR = 1

[Config] section

This section allows you to enable ingame display debugging for all controllers.


Field Type Range Default Description
Debug boolean 0, 1 0 Enables ingame controller debugging information.


Debug = 1
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