A workshop to better understand how container monitoring works
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Background reading

This background slidedeck covers all the basics of containers that will assist in this workshop;

  • An Introduction to containers
  • Background on 'Zones'
  • Background on 'Jails'
  • Background on 'Chroot'
  • Background on 'VMs'
  • Containers in Detail
    • cgroups
    • Namespaces
    • CoW
  • A look at container runtimes

The Workshop

Use these provided slides while advancing through the excercices, adding more features to your container monitoring agent. Remember to go over each level's readme, and if things get rough - you can always find the solution for level N in the level N+1 skeleton.


The workshop matrial is located at /workshop on the instance

  • /workshop/container-monitoring-workshop - this repository, where you do all the work
  • /workshop/images - images for containers

Before starting the workshop, go over the background documents in the docs folder Start the workshop at /workshop/container-monitoring-workshop/levels/00_setup

Where this talk has been presented

This workshop has/ will be given at:


Contributions are welcome! If you found a bug or something to improve feel free to open an issue or a pull request. Please note that the entire repository is under MIT license and your contribution will be under that license.


I would like to thank Avishai Ish-Shalom and Nati Cohen for inspiring me to write this workshop


Why did I create this?

There's only one thing that's more misunderstood than containers. It's how to monitor applications within containers

Can I use this repository to conduct my own public/ private workshop?

Yes! But please let me (@matrixtek on Twitter) know, or update the above section.

I found a bug

See 'Contributions' above


I would like to thank Strigo.io for kindly providing their platform, and allowing me to deliver this and other workshops without worrying about infrastructure. If you plan to deliver this workshop yourself, we highly encourage you to contact them.