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Code: A budget-constrained inverse classification framework for smooth classifiers

Please cite: Michael T. Lash, Qihang Lin, W. Nick Street, and Jennifer G. Robinson. "A budget-constrained inverse classification framework for smooth classifiers". In Data Mining Workshops (ICDMW), 2017 IEEE International Conference on, pp. 1184-1193. 2017.

Student Performance: The Student Performance data comes from the UCI Machine Learning Repository, which can be found at this URL: The appropriate paper reference is: P. Cortez and A. Silva. Using Data Mining to Predict Secondary School Student Performance. In A. Brito and J. Teixeira Eds., Proceedings of 5th FUture BUsiness TEChnology Conference (FUBUTEC 2008) pp. 5-12, Porto, Portugal, April, 2008, EUROSIS, ISBN 978-9077381-39-7.

ARIC: The dataset derived from ARIC has not been posted here, as it requires explicit NIH permission to use. We have, however, posted the code used in our experiments.

Supplemental Material: Supplemental material can be found at this link.

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