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A simple, lightweight jQuery plugin used to display songs recently scrobbled by a user.

A API key is required for this plugin. Click here to aquire one.

See a demo


Include jQuery and the plugin in the head or footer of your page.

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="/js/plugins/tunez.js"></script>

Create an element with a class or ID that will display the recently scrobbled songs.

<div id="tunez"></div>

Initialize the plugin targeting the class, ID or element.


The plugin will replace the element with an ordered or unordered list with each scrobbled track and each detail will be wrapped in a span for you to style it however you wish.

####Example Ouput:


		<img src="" alt="ALbum Title" class="artwork">
		<span class="details">
			<span class="title"><a href="" target="_blank">Song Title</a></span>
			<span class="album">(Album Title)</span>
			<span class="artist"><a href="" target="_blank">Artist</a></span>



  1. key: "api key"
    A string that defines your API key (default: null).
  2. username: "username"
    A string that defines the user's username (default: null).
  3. limit: integer
    An integer that indicates the amount of scrobbled songs to display (default: 5).
  4. ordered: boolean
    A boolean value that indicates whether or not the list of songs should be ordered (default: true).
  5. href: true / false
    A boolean that indicates whether or not the song and artist should be links (default: true).
  6. album: true / false
    A boolean that indicates whether or not you want the album name shown (default: true).
  7. artwork: boolean
    A boolean to indicate whether or not the album artwork is displayed (default: true).
  8. success: function
    A callback function that runs after the data has been retrieved (default: function()).
  9. error: function
    A callback function that runs if there was an error retrieving the data (default: function()).


$(function() {

		key: '1e2fbabb102c1fa0760379b9ef6f9ecc',
		username: 'michaelynch',
		limit: 10,
		ordered: false,
		href: false,
		album: false,
		artwork: false,
		success: function() {
			console.log('Rock and roll.')
		error: function() {
			console.log('Without music, this is a mistake.');


A simple, lightweight jQuery plugin to display a user's recently scrobbled tracks on







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