Slides and demo code for my talk at Spring I/O 2016
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thymeleaf-banner-spring-boot-starter Show Spring Boot 1.4 features especially for Spring I/O 2016 May 17, 2016

It's a kind of magic? - Custom Spring Boot Starter


The slides are inside this repository and also on Speakerdeck:

It's a kind of magic? - Custom Spring Boot Starter

Talk at Spring I/O 2016

This repository contains the talk, including my notes and the complete demo, I've created for Spring I/O 2016 in Barcelona.

The basic idea of the demo using a fun topic like banners to demonstrate features of Spring Boots auto configuration and show that all this stuff by far isn't magic.

The demo has several tags: I used d1 to d5 in my talk, the other one are the more detailed steps. Otherwise, the commit messages should speak for themselves.

I hope you liked the talk as much as i had fun preparing it.

If you like, follow me on twitter, I am @rotnroll666.


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