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+h2. Maintainer's note
+This branch is no longer active, however check out the version 2.0 rewrite maintained by "Yanick Rochon":
h2. jQuery UI Multiselect Next (now runs on jQuery UI 1.8)
This is a more advanced but not well tested extended version of the jQuery UI Multiselect widget.
@@ -6,9 +12,6 @@ It just got updated to work along with jQuery 1.4.2 and jQuery UI 1.8.
I've installed a demo page at "":
-For the original version done by Yanick (which is based on jQuery 1.3 and jQuery UI 1.7) please visit his demo page:
If you have suggestions or did some nice modifications just let us know.
-We'd be happy to review them, and perhaps include them.
+We'd be happy to review them, and perhaps include them.

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