BETA Lanbahn program (nodejs) for controlling SPROG IIv3 or SPROG 3, using UDP commands for LOCO control (model railroad).
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This is BETA software currently!

Lanbahn software for controlling Locos with SPROG

- see


1) copy all files in a directory
2) install nodejs 
      ( for example installation on raspberryPI:  
        sudo dpkg -i node_latest_armhf.deb   )
3) install the node modules "dateformat" and "serialport"
      ( for example installation on raspberryPI: 
        sudo npm install dateformat serialport  )
4) change settings (sprog serial port) in sprogDevice.js
5) start program with: node lanbahn2sprog.js


1) SPROG, see
2) a throttle to send the lanbahn UDP commands
(like LanbahnThrottle for Android, see

How it works

After starting the software with "node lanbahn2sprog.js" a UDP multicast client is listening to UDP messages on the LANBAHN port 27027 and LANBAHN multicast group. When the client receives a "LOCO" message with a valid loco address and valid data like "LOCO 211 50 1 1 0 0 0 0" (=Loco address 211, speed 50, forward, F0 on, other functions off), the program will start generating DCC packets and send them to SPROG via USB .

Understands only "LOCO" and "POWER" commands so far and only sends DCC packets with 128 speed steps and Functions F0 ... F12.

Notes for pi-SPROG-one:

The baudrate has changed to 115200 (defined in sprogDevice.js)

the serialport is now /dev/ttyS0

if using the RaspberryPi 3, carefully read the notes in the manual (i.e. disable bluebooth)