deamon for controlling a selectrix railroad (serial interface) via TCP/IP commands
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Daemon for controlling a selectrix railroad (serial interface, RS232 or USB) via TCP/IP commands

Currently in BETA state, please wait for a fully implemented and tested version (or contact me when you want to participate in testing).


usage: SX4 [-b <arg>] [-d] [-h] [-s <arg>] [-t <arg>] [-v]

-b,--baudrate <arg>   Baudrate (only needed for SLX825), default=9600
-d,--debug            debug output on
-h,--help             show help
-s,--serial <arg>     Serial Device - default=ttyUSB0
-t,--type <arg>       Interface Type (SLX825, FCC, SIM), default=SIM
-v,--version          program version and date


FCC / ttyUSB0, debugging on

java -Djava.library.path="/usr/lib/jni/" -jar dist/SX4.jar -s ttyUSB0 -t FCC -d

SLX825 / ttyUSB0, debugging on

java -Djava.library.path="/usr/lib/jni/" -jar dist/SX4.jar -s ttyUSB0 -t SLX825 -b 9600 -d

Simulation only, debugging on

java -Djava.library.path="/usr/lib/jni/" -jar dist/SX4.jar -t SIM -d

SXnet - ASCII tcp/ip (port 4104)

sx channel commands

The daemon listens to ASCII commands on port 4104, currently supported

S <c> <d>  - set an sx-channel <c> to value <d>  ("S 44 12" -> result "OK")
SX <c> <d> = same as S <c> <d>
R <c> - read a channel ("R 44 -> result  would be "X 44 12)

power on/off

SETPOWER 1  => track power on (SETPOWER 0 => track power off)
READPOWER  -> result "XPOWER 1" or "XPOWER 0"

single SX bit operations:

To support easy switching of turnouts (i.e. a single bit, not the complete byte of an SX channel/address), so can for example "set bit 3 of channel 85" with the command:

SET 853 1 ('..0' is 'clear')

READ 853 
   response will be something like 'XL 853 1' (or ... 0)

more info:


GPL v3.0