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/* Oscilloscope2 */
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#define kOscilloscope2MaxNumberOfTraces 8
// History
// =======
// 2011-11-25 added to github (1st time!)
// 2011-11-25 a little cleanup to more modern obj-c
// 2011-01-26 added lineWidth
// 2010-03-21 renamed and extended "fullscale", general code cleanup
// 2010-03-03 in "advanceWithSamples:" test if "numberOfTraces" is correct, else set. Same for "setTrace:"
// 2010-02-24 added gray dividing lines between traces
// 2010-02-23 lots of recent changes, today added decimation in "setTrace"
// 2009-12-30 added @property
This oscilloscope can have one or up to kOscilloscopeMaxNumberOfTraces traces.
Most calls are availabe in both single- and multichannel mode.
The oscilloscope advances 1 point in device space per call (advanceWithSample(s))
Entire sweeps can also be displayed with setTrace:toSweep: / setSingleTraceToSweep:
0 is in the center, the vertical scaling is addressed by calling setMaxPositiveValue:.
To insert in your program:
In your controller class: create an Oscilloscope2* IBOutlet.
In Interface Builder: instantiate a Custom View, set it's class to Oscilloscope2, then connect it with the IBOutlet.
@interface Oscilloscope2 : NSView {
NSUInteger numberOfPoints, numberOfTraces, maxNumberOfTraces;
CGFloat width, height, fullscale, lineWidth;
NSColor *backgroundColor, *separatorColor;
BOOL isTraceZeroOnTop, isShiftTraces;
- (void) advanceWithSample: (CGFloat) sampleValue; // switches to single channel mode
- (void) advanceWithSamples: (NSArray *) sampleArrayOfNumbers; // switches multichannel mode with the correct number of traces
- (void) setTraceToSweep: (NSArray *) sweep; // switches to single channel mode
- (void) setTrace:(NSUInteger)iTrace toSweep:(NSArray*)sweep; // switches multichannel mode; adjusts numberOfTraces if necessary
@property (readwrite) CGFloat fullscale; // since we're bipolar: ± this value
@property (readonly) NSUInteger numberOfPoints; // width of the corresponding view in device points
@property (readwrite) NSUInteger numberOfTraces; // multichannel; number of traces
@property (readonly) NSUInteger maxNumberOfTraces; // multichannel; maximal possible number of traces
@property (readonly) CGFloat width, height; // view dimensions
- (void) setColor: (NSColor *) color; // switches to single channel mode. Default: dark blue.
- (void) setColor: (NSColor *) color forTrace: (NSUInteger) iTrace;// multichannel; there are 7 predefined colors
@property (retain) NSColor *backgroundColor; // default: very light grey
@property (retain) NSColor *separatorColor; // default: grey
@property (readwrite) CGFloat lineWidth; // the pensize for the traces
@property (readwrite) BOOL isTraceZeroOnTop; // trace ordering: trace zero is on top, or on bottom
@property (readwrite) BOOL isShiftTraces; // if YES: traces are moving, new values at right. Else just replacing