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This a set of bioinformatics experiments as well as a dynamic webpage to display the results
## model
This directory contains a set of datamapper classes that allow rows in the database to be manipulated as simple ruby objects.
* project.rb Main class that describes the entire project
* gene.rb Holds sequence data about yeast genes
## config
Contains general ruby configuration data, as well as ramaze configuration
* environment.rb Requires necessary ruby gems. Loads databases parameters. Loads classes and controllers.
* database.yml Database access parameters. In YAML format. Should be created for each installation of this code.
* config,yml General project configuration parameters. Ramaze port, server, and rendering engine. Should also be configured for each installation.
## controller
Ramaze controllers that serve up data to views
## view
HTML generators for www front
## spec
Data testing classes using rspec
## analysis
Rake files and data that run the bioinformatics analysis. Organised by linear running order, ie 002 should only depend on data from 001, and nothing from 003.
## start.rb
Starts the ramaze web server