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base: 9cc935d087
head fork: michaelbarton/survey-website
compare: 63587743cb
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2  content/markup/index.markdown
@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ This survey aims to understand the field of bioinformatics by examining the
people whom work in it. Salary, success, publications, research topics and
happiness will be looked at.
-<div class="center">
+<div class="centre">
<a href="/questionnaire" class="btn">
Take the survey
76 content/markup/posts/two-week-summary.markdown
@@ -0,0 +1,76 @@
+ title: Two weeks of responses
+ created_at: "2011-02-21"
+I started the bioinformatics survey two weeks ago. Thank you to everyone who
+has filled in the questionnaire so far, every response is appreciated and helps
+generate usable data about the bioinformatics field. I've plotted total number
+of results against days of survey collection in the figure below. This shows
+responses so far have outpaced the results for the previous 2008 survey in the
+same period.
+<%= image amzn('results/responses/by_time.png') %>
+The previous 2008 survey however received two bursts of results after 5 and 20
+days. You can see this as the total number of responses showing a higher slope
+compared to the preceding days. I would guess that this is result of additional
+traffic being generated on blogs and websites. This means at the present rate
+this year's survey will not match the number of responses compared with 2008.
+I plotted the websites sending visitors to complete the survey
+using available Google Analytics data. The figure below shows the number of
+survey completions against traffic source. This figure shows that the primary
+source of visitors, other than direct visits, is the [BioStar bioinformatics
+Q&A site][BioStar] which has generously added a banner. A [blog post by Grant
+Jacobs][post] also generated 10 responses showing the effect of blogging on
+survey participation.
+<%= image amzn('results/responses/sources.png') %>
+Also using Google Analytics data I plotted the global location of survey
+respondents. I put a threshold of at least 5 responses from each country for
+clarity. This figure shows that bioinformaticians completing the survey are, on
+the whole, from the western world.
+<%= image amzn('results/responses/map.png') %>
+A quantitative bar chart of the same data shows that the two main countries
+generating responses are the US and France. The large number of responses from
+France must be attributed to [Pierre Lindenbaum][pierre] who has been promoting
+the survey on French mailing lists.
+The lack of responses from the rest of the world is disappointing. I think
+responses from across the world are important to give an accurate global
+representation of being a bioinformatician. For instance the lack of results
+from China and India is particularly disappointing given that these are two
+emerging countries with corresponding emerging bioinformatics cultures. I think
+greater representation from Africa and South America would be great too.
+<%= image amzn('results/responses/location.png') %>
+### Summary
+The survey has had a great start but the number of results is slowing down
+compared with 2008. At the present rate this year's survey will not match the
+results compared with the previous 2008 survey. Furthermore bioinformaticians
+from the US, France, the UK, Canada and Germany represent 80% of the survey
+responses. Therefore the survey data will be correspondingly skewed towards
+these countries.
+Any help with increasing survey participation is appreciated. You can help
+increase survey collection by tweeting or mentioning the survey on your blog,
+particularly if you are from an under represented country. Any other
+suggestions toward increased participation are welcome in the comments too.
+<div class="centre">
+ <a href="/questionnaire" class="btn">
+ Take the survey
+ </a>
6 content/stylesheets/screen.scss
@@ -40,9 +40,9 @@ body {
@include column(12, true);
@include prepend(6);
- .center {
- @include prepend(6);
- @include prepend(6);
+ .centre {
+ @include prepend(7);
+ @include append(7);
16 lib/default.rb
@@ -1,6 +1,22 @@
include Nanoc3::Helpers::Rendering
include Nanoc3::Helpers::LinkTo
+def urlify(url)
+ url =~ /http:/ ? url : relative_path_to(url)
+def amzn(file)
+ File.join "", file
+def image(url,width=500,options={})
+ link = "<img src='#{urlify(url)}' width=#{width}>"
+ if options[:link]
+ link = "<a href='#{urlify(options[:link])}'>#{link}</a>"
+ end
+ link
def stylesheet(location, media = 'screen,projection')
"<link href='#{location}' media='#{media}' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>"

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