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Stremio add-on for radios from SHOUTcast
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Stremio Add-on for Radios

Stremio Add-on for Radios based on the SHOUTcast Radio Directory API.

The directory contains over 93.000 radio stations.


  • Top Radio Catalog
  • Filter Catalog by Genre
  • Pagination of Catalog
  • Searching Catalog
  • Streaming Radio Stations

Running this add-on locally

npm i
npm start

Using remotely in Stremio

Go to the Add-ons page, then click "Community Add-ons", scroll down to "Radios", press "Install"

Understanding the code

  • index.js defines the manifest and runs the add-on.

  • config.js configuration file

  • /resource includes files for different resource types: catalog.js, meta.js and stream.js, each have a module.exports.handler which is called on every request from the Stremio Add-on SDK.

  • /utils includes cache.js (in-memory) and base64.js (used to generate

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