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Published, a WordPress theme.

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An elegant minimal WordPress theme.



We recommend installing this dependency via Composer.

As a Composer Dependency

To include this theme as part of a project. Require this repository as a Composer dependency:

composer require michaelbragg/published

Install via SFTP

To add this Theme to your WordPress installation, follow these basic steps:

  1. Download the Theme archive and extract the files it contains. You may need to preserve the directory structure in the archive when extracting these files.
  2. Using an SFTP client to access your host web server, create a directory to save your Theme in the /wp-content/themes directory provided by WordPress. For example, This theme should be in /wp-content/themes/published.
  3. Upload the Theme files to the new directory on your host server.
  4. Activate the theme through your WordPress Administration Panel.

Making Your Changes

Make your changes locally on a new branch based off origin/master. Commit your changes to your new branch and regularly push your work to the same named branch on the server. When you need feedback or help, or you think the branch is ready for merging, open a pull request. After someone else has reviewed and signed off on the feature, you can merge it into master.


During the Alpha/Beta stages, due to constant changes, documentation will be mainly written in-line. With a dedicated section being created at the first major release.

Folder Structure

├── _assets/
│   └── ui/
├── _scripts/
│   └── qa
├── ui/
├── inc/
│   ├── assets.php
│   ├── media.php
│   └── template-tags.php
├── js/
├── languages/
├── module-templates/
├── page-templates/
├── template-parts/
├── comments.php
├── composer.json
├── footer.php
├── functions.php
├── header.php
├── index.php
├── package.json
  • _assets/ stores the pre-processed source files and artwork.
  • _scripts/ holds the bash scripts used for setting up and running tasks on the repository.

Reporting Issues

If you spot any issues please create a ticket via GitHub's Issue Tracker. Including the issue, the browser and operating system, and how to replicate it. If the issue is security related please use the contact information below.

Contributing to this project

This project follow the WordPress Coding Standard for PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Michael Bragg -


Unless otherwise stated © Michael Bragg. All rights reserved.

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