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2018-01-20 20:52:59 +0200
A Tale of Two Issues
open source

Zoid is a JavaScript library for simple arithmetic operations. The project has been around for a few years and has a sole maintainer, who works on it in her free time.

{{< figure src="/media/2018/01/oliver-thomas-klein-207908.jpg" title="Photo by Oliver Thomas Klein on Unsplash" >}}

Here are a couple of issues picked out of the issue tracker - one from a couple of years ago and one very recent, presented without comment.

Issue #37 - clicking button does not add 1

{{< issue-entry user="hecter88" type="comment" date="Jul 13, 2015" >}} Hey. Having trouble with using the add function when clicking a button. It doesn't work. {{< /issue-entry >}}

{{< issue-entry user="zoider (maintainer)" type="comment" date="Jul 13, 2015" >}} Hi, can you show me what you are trying to do? Paste some code? {{< /issue-entry >}}

{{< issue-entry user="hecter88" type="comment" date="Jul 13, 2015" >}} Oh yeh sorry.

add_handlers: function() {
document.getElementById('add_one').onclick = function() {
  this.current_count = zoid.add(this.current_count, 1);

I do that and then just nothing happens. The counter doesn't go up. Please help! {{< /issue-entry >}}

{{< issue-entry user="zoider (maintainer)" type="comment" date="Jul 13, 2015" >}} Oh ok I think I see the issue. When you reference this.current_count inside the onclick handler, the value of "this" will be bound to the element that was clicked, rather than the outer object.

So you can either use an arrow function or bind the outer this to another name, e.g.

const that = this;

and then use that.current_count in your click handler. {{< /issue-entry >}}

{{< issue-entry user="hecter88" type="comment" date="Jul 14, 2015" >}} Okay so I am not sure if this is right but I tried arrow functions and everything seems to be broken right now and I'm not sure what's up:

add_handlers: function() => {
    document.getElementById('add_one').onclick = function() => {
  this.current_count = zoid.add(this.current_count, 1);

{{< /issue-entry >}}

{{< issue-entry user="zoider (maintainer)" type="comment" date="Jul 14, 2015" >}} You need to remove the function keyword if you are using arrow functions. That's a syntax error right now. See the MDN docs for the correct syntax. {{< /issue-entry >}}

{{< issue-entry user="hecter88" type="comment" date="Jul 14, 2015" >}} Ok . So we are almost there (thx for the help man). Now it all seems to work fine but in IE it seems totally broken now as in nothing works, just loads of errors all over the place! {{< /issue-entry >}}

{{< issue-entry user="zoider (maintainer)" type="comment" date="Jul 14, 2015" >}} Just checking here - are you transpiling down your code with something like Babel? because those arrow functions are part of a newer version of JavaScript which is not supported in IE. See for arrow functions. {{< /issue-entry >}}

{{< issue-entry user="hecter88" type="comment" date="Jul 15, 2015" >}} Sorry I don't know what transpiling or Babel is, could you give me a pointer? {{< /issue-entry >}}

{{< issue-entry user="zoider (maintainer)" type="comment" date="Jul 14, 2015" >}} Sure, sorry - here's the Babel website, and "transpiling" here means taking modern JavaScript and transforming it into the older style which is compatible with IE for example. {{< /issue-entry >}}

{{< issue-entry user="hecter88" type="comment" date="Jul 15, 2015" >}} Ok so I am trying to figure out Babel but running into more problems. It kept talking about "NPM" which is totally alien to me but eventually I found a regular script to download ( and now my HTML page looks like this:

<script src="javascripts/babel.js"></script>
<script type="text/babel" src="javascripts/my_scripts.js">

So this seems to fix the IE problem but this is crazy it's like 2MB bigger now and makes the website really slow. Is that normal? {{< /issue-entry >}}

{{< issue-entry user="zoider (maintainer)" type="comment" date="Jul 15, 2015" >}} So the usual way to do it is to use Node and npm to install Babel and then you just use Babel only on your computer to transpile the script. Then you use the transpiled script in your website and you don't need to load that huge babel.js file into your website anymore.

To be honest this is kinda getting out of the scope of this issue tracker, which is really just for bugs relating to Zoid. Maybe you can try some forums or StackOverflow? {{< /issue-entry >}}

{{< issue-entry user="hecter88" type="comment" date="Jul 21, 2015" >}} Ok yeah, sorry to waste your time man, but just one more thing. Ive managed to get node and npm installed but when I try to run "npm run build" like it says in the docs I get this error :

npm ERR! missing script: build

I cannot figure out what it means. My script is called "my_scripts.js", not "build"! {{< /issue-entry >}}

{{< issue-entry user="zoider (maintainer)" type="comment" date="Jul 24, 2015" >}} That just means you are missing the "build" script in the package.json file. Follow the instructions on the Babel website. {{< /issue-entry >}}

{{< issue-entry user="hecter88" type="comment" date="Jul 24, 2015" >}} Thanks. I added the "build" script to the package.json file but now I get this error:

Module parse failed: /Users/Hecter/learning_js/food_counter/my_scripts.js Unexpected token (45:57)
 You may need an appropriate loader to handle this file type.`

I feel like I am a bit out of my depth here with all this npn Babel stuff... Could I upload my whole code somewhere and you take a look? Might be faster!! {{< /issue-entry >}}

{{< issue-entry user="zoider (maintainer)" type="comment" date="Jul 25, 2015" >}} I mean I can't guarantee that I have time to look at and fix up all your code, but sure, throw it up somewhere and I'll at least take a quick look. {{< /issue-entry >}}

{{< issue-entry user="hecter88" type="comment" date="Jul 26, 2015" >}} So I've been trying to upload my code to my account on here but I think I need to use git rather than just upload the files like though ftp or something.

Is that right? How do I use git to upload the files? {{< /issue-entry >}}

{{< issue-entry user="hecter88" type="comment" date="Jul 28, 2015" >}} Hey I know you are probably busy but can you advise on the git thing? I tried to look at the docs but it seems pretty confusing and there is no mention anywhere of how to upload to a website. {{< /issue-entry >}}

{{< issue-entry user="zoider (maintainer)" type="comment" date="Jul 30, 2015" >}} Sorry, I think at this stage you are better off getting help from a friend or a forum for all these issues you are running into. I'd love to help more but I've not really got the time. Good luck! :) {{< /issue-entry >}}

{{< issue-entry user="hecter88" type="comment" date="Aug 1, 2015" >}} I tried asking on stack overflow but my questions keep getting downvoted or closed??!! {{< /issue-entry >}}

{{< issue-entry user="zoider (maintainer)" type="close" date="Nov 15, 2015" >}} {{< /issue-entry >}}

Issue #161 - factorial calculation not working

{{< issue-entry user="hax_munki" type="comment" date="Jan 17, 2018" >}} Hello, this is a awesome lib but I'm stuck on something. I am trying to work out a factorial using a recursive method but I'm getting errors saying "undefined is not a function". {{< /issue-entry >}}

{{< issue-entry user="zoider (maintainer)" type="comment" date="Jan 23, 2018" >}} Hi there.

There's not enough information here to judge whether this is an issue with Zoid, or just an error in your code.

Please take a look at the issue template and actually fill out all the parts requested rather than deleting it all. I'm closing the issue for now, but if you post the filled-out issue template below including code, I'll consider re-opening. {{< /issue-entry >}}

{{< issue-entry user="zoider (maintainer)" type="close" date="Jan 23, 2018" >}} {{< /issue-entry >}}

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