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PowerShell Command Center

Automation for Everyone


This project is looking for contributors. If you have a feature you'd like to see implemented or a bug you'd liked fixed, the best and fastest way to make that happen is to implement it and submit it back upstream for consideration. All contributions will be given thorough consideration.

The project is not ready for production environments and should be used for testing only.

Get started with v0.0.1-alpha

Get started contributing in 3 easy steps:

Default Admin Account:

Username: admin
Password: Admin1234!

Key Features

  • Secure central location for all your scripts
  • User/Role Management
  • Auditing - who ran what when
  • Syntax highlighting editor
  • Launch scripts from the web
  • Schedule scripts with recurring options
  • Ability to leverage parameters and variables in your scripts
  • View results


Scripts Dashboard

Launch-Pad Dashboard

Launching Scripts with Parameters

Launch-Pad Launch Script with Params

View Output

Launch-Pad View Output


Launch-Pad Schedule Script with Params

Create and Edit Scripts

Launch-Pad Create and Edit Scripts

Planned Features

  • Define custom end user roles (Exchange, Business Departments)
  • Publish scripts to dashboard for end users to launch/schedule scripts they need
  • Export and/or email script results
  • Email alerts on failures
  • Version Control

Special Thanks To

  • HangFire for fire-and-forget tasks
  • Ace.js editor for script editing and syntax highlighting