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GitHub Game Off 2016

GitHub Game Off 2016 Theme is Hacking, Modding, or Augmenting


Axeracer gameplay

Axeracer is a 1-player, overhead racing game where you drive a bug-like creature around a track. It has axes for antennae, all the better for hacking away the grass in its way to the finish line. The game goes on infinitely, so keep trying to beat your past lap time!

Play Axeracer on the web now!


Up - accelerate
Left/Right - rotate
Down - reverse
Z - hold down while accelerating for a boost


Pico-8 powers this retro arcade game. Load the .p8 file into Pico-8 to see/modify the source of the game and do whatever you want with it.

The Challenge

I have the entire month of November to create a game loosely based on the theme hacking, modding and/or augmenting.

What do[es] Github mean by loosely based on hacking, modding and/or augmenting? They literally mean, loosely based. Some examples might be:

  • an endless runner where you hack down binary trees in your path with a pixelated axe,
  • a modern take on a classic e.g. a roguelike set in a 3D or VR world, or
  • an augmented reality game bringing octopus/cat hybrids into the real world.

I'm going to work alone or with a team and build for (some as-of-yet undecided) platform or device. The use of open source game engines and libraries is encouraged but not required.

Github will highlight some of their favorites on the GitHub blog, and the world will get to enjoy (and maybe even contribute to and/or learn from) my creations.

How to participate

  • Sign up for a free personal account if you don't already have one.
  • Fork this repository to my personal account (or to a free organization account).
  • Clone the repository on my computer and build my game.
  • Push my game source code to my forked repository before Dec 1st.
  • Update the file to include a description of my game, how/where to play/download it, how to build/compile it, what dependencies it has, etc.
  • Submit my final game using this form.


GitHub's month-long game jam 🎮 November 2016




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