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GUI frontend to the OS X say command in Objective-C
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GUI frontend to the OSX say command. Heavily inspired by

Why Make This App?

I've used for years, and wondered recently if I could rebuild it (since there's no publicly available source), and then potentially add features to it. So...I made Utter.


  • Simple GUI way of using the say command. Just enter text and either hit Shift-Enter or click the play button to hear it.
  • Pause and resume speech.
  • Change the speed/rate, pitch, pitchmod, or volume of the speech synthesis. Can utter speech when you change the options, too.
  • Save the speech to an AIFF on your desktop. Use the text itself as the filename, if you wish.


Clone the repo and build the Xcode project. It was created in Xcode 5, but may work in earlier versions.


The options drawer can be accessed by clicking the Options button on the main window.

Questions, Feedback, Suggestions

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