Babel preset for modern node apps
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Babel preset for building modern node apps with the least amount of transformations as possible.

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Deprecated - No longer maintained

My focus has left the node ecosystem and also the awesome babel-team came up with babel-preset-env. So please do yourself a favor and switch over to babel-preset-env.

Thank you for your patience and using this module in the first place!


npm install --save-dev babel-preset-modern-node


Simply use this preset as any other. Following options can be passed to configure babel-preset-modern-node to your taste:

  • Set loose mode optimizations (default: false)
    • loose = true|false
  • Module loader to use (default: commonjs)
    • modules = (false|commonjs|amd|umd|systemjs)
  • Min node version compatibility (default: process.versions.node)
    • version = "5.10.2"

Via .babelrc (recommended)

  "presets": ["modern-node"]


  "presets": [["modern-node", { "loose": true, ... }]]


babel script.js --presets modern-node

Via Node API

require('babel-core').transform('code', {
  presets: ['modern-node'],


require('babel-core').transform('code', {
  presets: [['modern-node', { "loose": true, ... }]],


This preset currently supports ES2015 and ES2016 support for all minor node versions starting at v0.12.

Notes on Array.includes

This preset does not modify the global space / prototypes! Due to this we're not able to fully support ES2016's Array.includes see here for more details.

Special extras

  1. If you project contains a package.json the super global __VERSION__ will be set accordingly
  2. Strict mode will be enabled
  3. Restricted keywords will always be quoted