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Install vim plugins in ./install

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commit d60db6823d820a6b86be83e6f67d70290d49cb8e 1 parent 0950641
@michaelcontento authored
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@@ -13,13 +13,6 @@ All my personal configuration files for various unix tools.
Now everything should be linked into your home folder and be ready to use. Just
install the tools itself (e.g. tmux) and start working.
-## Extra step for [Vim][]
-Because all [Vim][] plugins are managed with [Vundle][] you have to start
-[Vim][], ignore all errors and just hit `<Leader>bi` (hint: `<Leader>=,`). This
-will trigger the install method inside [Vundle][] and after a few seconds you
-can restart [Vim][] and all those nasty errors should be gone.
## License
Copyright 2009-2012 Michael Contento <>
5 install
@@ -58,6 +58,11 @@ if [ -e "${fromDir}" ]; then
+# Install vim plugins
+vim -e -c BundleInstall -c quitall > /dev/null
# Install all required gems if possible
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