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phpBB 3 Development: phpBB is a popular open-source bulletin board written in PHP. This repository also contains the history of version 2.
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[ticket/12951] Added editorconfig
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build [prep-release-3.1.0-RC3] Update phpBB Version for RC4 development
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tests [ticket/12822] Correctly call \phpbb\user in avatar manager test
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.editorconfig [ticket/12951] Made editorconfig file comments better
.gitignore [ticket/12706] Ignore additional rank images
.travis.yml [ticket/12941] Check for Sami parse errors on Travis CI. Merge branch 'develop-olympus' into develop-ascraeus
composer.phar [ticket/12302] Updated composer.phar to 1.0.0-alpha8
phpunit.xml.dist [ticket/10839] Remove version compare as the php minimum requirement …



phpBB is a free bulletin board written in PHP.


Find support and lots more on! Discuss the development on area51.


To be able to run an installation from the repo (and not from a pre-built package) you need to run the following commands to install phpBB's dependencies.

cd phpBB
php ../composer.phar install --dev


  1. Create an account on
  2. Create a ticket (unless there already is one)
  3. Read our Git Contribution Guidelines; if you're new to git, also read the introduction guide
  4. Send us a pull request


We have unit and functional tests in order to prevent regressions. You can view the bamboo continuous integration here or check our travis build below:

  • develop Build Status
  • develop-ascraeus Build Status
  • develop-olympus Build Status


GNU General Public License v2

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