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NPM package for creating a keyword array from a string and excluding stop words.
JavaScript Makefile

Keyword Extractor

A simple NPM package for extracting keywords from a string by removing stopwords.


$ npm install keyword-extractor

Running tests

To run the test suite, first install the development dependencies by running the following command within the package's directory.

$ npm install

To execute the package's tests, run:

$ make test

Usage of the Module

//  include the Keyword Extractor
var keyword_extractor = require("keyword-extractor");

//  Opening sentence to NY Times Article at
var sentence = "President Obama woke up Monday facing a Congressional defeat that many in both parties believed could hobble his presidency."

//  Extract the keywords
var extraction_result = keyword_extractor.extract(sentence,{
                                                                remove_digits: true,
                                                                remove_duplicates: false


  extraction result is:


Options Parameters

The second argument of the extract method is an Object of configuration/processing settings for the extraction.

Parameter Name Description Permitted Values
language The stopwords list to use. english, spanish, polish, german, french, italian, dutch, russian
remove_digits Removes all digits from the results if set to true true or false
return_changed_case The case of the extracted keywords. Setting the value to true will return the results all lower-cased, if false the results will be in the original case. true or false
remove_duplicates Removes the duplicate keywords true , false (defaults to false )


The initial stopwords lists are taken from the following sources:

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