Viralheat sentiment analysis for Node.js.
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#Viralheat Sentiment API

You must have a Viralheat account and API key to access the Sentiment API.

##Usage of the Module

Require the module

var vh_sentiment = require('viralheat-sentiment')('[Your API Key Here]');

###Make a sentiment request

vh_sentiment.get('[text (360 characters or less) that you want to analyze]', function(err, data, status) {
	if(err) {
		// Error
	} else {

Successful response will look like:

    text: 'Hello! I love this product!!',
    mood: 'positive',
    prob: 0.9372610796240683,
    raw: {
        status: 200,
        error: null,
        text: '\'Hello! I love this product!!\'',
        mood: '\'positive\'',
        prob: '0.93726107962406835'

The object contained in the raw attribute is the response returned directly from the Viralheat Sentiment API.

###Train the Sentiment Analyzer

vh_sentiment.train('[text you would like analyzed]', ['positive','negative', or 'neutral'], function(err, data, status) {
	if(err) {
		// Error
	} else {

Standard response from a train request: