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API Skeleton

The API Skeleton provides a skeleton API for use with flask API projects.


Running the Tests

All of the acceptance tests are contained within the acceptance-tests folder with the feature files under the features folder and the step-definitions under the steps folder.

If you would like to run all of the acceptance tests then navigate into the acceptance-tests folder and run the following command:


You can also pass arguments to this command as you would if you were just running cucumber on it's own.

For example you can use the following command to display a cut down version of cucumbers progress when it is running:

./ --format progress

Or you can use the following to run only the scenarios that have been tagged with whatever tags you specify:

/ --tags @USXX

Running Rubocop

Rubocop is ruby gem that will check any ruby code in the repository against the ruby style guide and then provide a report of any offenses.

In order to run Rubocop on the acceptance test code then navigate into the acceptance test folder and run the command:


If you wish to amend what cops are used, what files are ignored when running Rubocop then you will need to put this in the rubocop.yml file.


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