A fork of the frontend code for the UK Register to Vote service (original repo since closed by Cabinet Office)
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#IER Frontend

This is the Individual Electoral Registration (aka ERTP) Frontend app. The point of it is to provide a simple Register to Vote form to the public.

Please note that this source code will not run as is, as it has API dependencies which are not open sourced. This code is presented for informational purposes only.


To run this app you will need:

  • Java 7 (we use openJDK 7)
  • Ruby 1.9.3
  • Sass
  • Bundler

All other depedencies (Play framework, Scala, sbt, etc) will be installed as part of the sbt start script.

###Bootstrap project and run the service

  1. git clone git@github.gds:gds/ier-frontend.git

  2. In a terminal execute ./sbt to open the Play console

  3. Wait (Downloading the entire internet)

  4. In the SBT console execute compile to compile the app

  5. Create directory /var/log/ier with write access rights for the current user, e.g:

    _sudo mkdir /var/log/ier_  
    _sudo chown root:users /var/log/ier_  
    _sudo chmod 770 /var/log/ier_  
  6. In the SBT console execute run to start the app

  7. Go to http://localhost:9000/

    [Note: I got an internal error had to re- gem install sass to fix it ]

###Running the service

  1. In a terminal execute ./sbt to open the SBT console

  2. In the SBT console execute run to start the app

  3. Or just ./sbt run

  4. Go to http://localhost:9000/

###Front-end development

The CSS and JS files Play serves are compiled versions of those in the ./assets folder.

There are Gulp tasks to build the compiled CSS and JS in the ./scripts/gulp folder.

The ./scripts/gulp folder has a guide to setting up Gulp and to the tasks in its README.

###Running the tests

Testing for the ier-frontend project is via the sbt command line as follows...

  1. In the terminal execute ./sbt to open the SBT console

  2. In the SBT console execute test to begin ALL the tests

  3. Or just ./sbt test

NB : Make sure you follow the Bootstrap Step 5 above to make the /var/log/ier/ folder locally wriateable.

NB : To run a specific test rather than all of them test-only FULL_PATH_OF_TEST_CLASS