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What is this?

An low maintainance javascript site generator for public github repositories.

  • Online site generator to use with a public github repo: for free, no sign-up, no install and instantly get a sharable link.
  • Or if using github pages you can copy the index.html file to your own repo and update the REPO constant for a nicer URL.


I had content and project results that I wanted to put in some websites and share with people, but I didn't want to have to spend time updating these sites or paying to keep them online. Enter GitWrap: it leverages github's API and free file hosting to dynamically build sites on top of public github repos.


Using javascript calls to the github api, GitWrap retrieves a list of folders and content from the specified repo, then dresses these up in some bootstrap html for presenting to the world. All of it happens client-side in javascript so the GitWrapper generator can be hosted in a free page.


1. URL Forwarding -> Gitwrap generated URL -> public github repo

This is my own content site. To set it up I went to the GitWrap generator, entered my username and the repo hosting my content and clicked build. I then pasted the generated URL into the forwarding section of my domain hosting.

2. URL Forwarding -> Gitwrap generated URL -> public github repo -> specific folder in repo

Same as above but pointing to a specific folder in the same repo. This way I can just update the content in one place, commit and push changes and both sites are automatically updated

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