Import Highrise data to Fat Free CRM
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Highrise Importer plugin for Fat Free CRM

Assumptions: one Highrise account which is mapped to Fat Free CRM admin account.

  • rake db:migrate
  • ruby script/plugin install git://
  • rake crm:highrise:import SITE=[Your Highrise URL]

[Your Highrise URL] should be:



  • yourapitoken is your api token from Highrise (sign in, click My Info, click API token)
  • X is just a dummy placeholder for password, which you don't need. Find out more information about that:
  • subdomain is your highrise account subdomain

rake crm:highrise:import SITE=

Important note about SSL and redirect errors

If you try this rake task and get an error: Failed with 302 Found => your account is set to use SSL authentication and you need to specify https as the SITE parameter to the rake task

Copyright (c) 2009-10 Michael Dvorkin, released under the GNU Affero General Public License