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Textmate Bundle for Google's protocol buffers
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Protocol Buffers.tmbundle


Adds syntax highlighting and a few useful commands/snippets for Google's protocol buffer description language.

Is that it?

For the most part. Though one neat feature is that - unlike most TextMate language descriptions - this one doesn't just look for keywords and highlight them. It actually builds up a mini-ADT that it highlights, and it only highlights things that fit its notion of a .proto file's structure. If you put this:

optional int64 timestamp = 3;

outside of a message (or group, or extend...) declaration, it won't highlight. For the most part, this will be true: an rpc method declaration won't highlight except in a Service declaration.

Snippets are location-aware, so the field snippet (which generates a new message field) won't work except in a message. so using the opt snippet to generate an option will help you generate this in a message:

message Foo {
  option message_set_wire_format = true;

but in an RPC method, it will help you generate this:

service FooService {
  method MyMethod() {
    option (method_option).timestamp = 123;

Notice how method options are structured slightly differently.

Also, TextMate has a shift-enter idiom for creating new functions/methods. At the top-level, this bundle will generate a new Message. Inside a message, this command will generate a new field. Inside an enum, it will generate a new enum value declaration (and automatically UPCASE_AND_UNDERSCORE the enum value name). Inside a Service declaration, it will generate a new rpc method.

These things are possible because this bundle actually understands the structure of the entire message, which is easy due to the intentionally-simple structure of .proto files.


If only there were a straightforward way to install Bundles. Well, this always works:

mkdir -p ~/"Library/Application Support/TextMate/Bundles/"
cd ~/"Library/Application Support/TextMate/Bundles/"
git clone git:// "Protocol Buffers.tmbundle"
osascript -e 'tell app "TextMate" to reload bundles'

Pretty much all there is to it. All .proto files will be picked up by the bundle.


Copyright (c) 2010 Michael Edgar. See LICENSE for details.

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