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A basic throttling implementation to limit requests
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What is it?

A basic throttling implementation


If you are looking for the old version compatible with PHP 5.3 try the v0.1 branch and update your composer requirement to "michaelesmith/throttle": "^0.1"


composer require "michaelesmith/throttle"

You will also need a PSR-6 compatible cache library such as "cache/cache" or "symfony/cache".


$throttle = new Throttle(new \Cache\Adapter\PHPArray\ArrayCachePool());
$throttle->add(new Condition(60, 2)); // adds an interval where 2 increments are allowed in 60 seconds
$throttle->add(new Condition(600, 5)); // adds an interval where 5 increments are allowed in 10 minutes

// in each action you want to limit
try {
    $throttle->increment($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']); // some client identifier like an ip or session id
    // NOTE: $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] may not gove you the actual client IP if you are behind a reverse proxy
    // Here is how Symfony finds the client IP
    // @link:
} catch(RateException $e) {
    $condition = $e->getCondition(); // the condition that hit the rate limit
    printf('You can only make %d requests in %d seconds', $condition->getLimit(), $condition->getTtl());

You can use any PSR-6 compatible cache pool, but you need to use one that is persistent across requests for most cases unlike this example.

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