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Chrome extension adding shortcuts for moving tabs around
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Note: Chrome Beta channel or later needs to be installed in order for the plugin to work.


  • Clone the repository to your local machine.
  • Bring up the extensions management page by clicking the Chrome menu icon and choosing Tools > Extensions.
  • If Developer mode has a + by it, click the + to add developer information to the page. The + changes to a -, and more buttons and information appear.
  • Click the Load unpacked extension button. A file dialog appears.
  • In the file dialog, navigate to the extension's folder and click OK.

Alternatively, install it via the Chrome Web Store:


The extension consists of four keyboard shortcuts:

  • Alt-Shift-L: Move Tab Right
  • Alt-Shift-H: Move Tab Left
  • Alt-Shift-K: Move Tab to Start Position
  • Alt-Shift-J: Move Tab to End Position


A separate extension, tabasco, adds the following shortcuts to Chrome

  • Close Other Tabs
  • Close Tabs to the Right
  • Pin Tab

Chrome extensions currently only allow for a maximum of four shortcuts, which is why they are not included in tabloid.

You can fetch tabasco here:

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