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added some more diverse tests for object literal keys

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commit 945fed7b76ba7665750d884587de7edce6218fa4 1 parent 1a183d7
Michael Ficarra authored
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4 test/
@@ -12,11 +12,15 @@ suite 'Object Literals', ->
eq nonce, { a : nonce }.a
eq nonce, {a: nonce,}.a
eq nonce, {0: nonce}[0]
+ eq nonce, {0x0: nonce}[0]
+ eq nonce, {'0x0': nonce}['0x0']
eq nonce, {1e3: nonce}[1e3]
eq nonce, {a:0,b:nonce,c:0}.b
eq nonce, {a: 0, b: nonce, c: 0}.b
eq nonce, {a: 0, b: nonce, c: 0, }.b
eq nonce, { a : 0 , b : nonce, c : 0 }.b
+ eq nonce, {'a': nonce}.a
+ eq nonce, {'s p a c e s': nonce}['s p a c e s']
test 'reserved words as keys', ->
nonce = {}
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