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path = require 'path'
util = require 'util'
fs = require 'scopedfs'
global[name] = func for name, func of require 'assert'
# See
egal = (a, b) ->
if a is b
a isnt 0 or 1/a is 1/b
a isnt a and b isnt b
# A recursive functional equivalence helper; uses egal for testing equivalence.
arrayEgal = (a, b) ->
if egal a, b then yes
else if (Array.isArray a) and Array.isArray b
return no unless a.length is b.length
return no for el, idx in a when not arrayEgal el, b[idx]
global.inspect = (o) -> util.inspect o, no, 2, yes
global.eq = (a, b, msg) -> ok egal(a, b), msg ? "#{inspect a} === #{inspect b}"
global.arrayEq = (a, b, msg) -> ok arrayEgal(a,b), msg ? "#{inspect a} === #{inspect b}"
global.FIXTURES_DIR = path.join __dirname, 'fixtures'
sfs = fs.scoped FIXTURES_DIR
sfs.reset = ->
fs.rmrfSync FIXTURES_DIR
fs.mkdirpSync FIXTURES_DIR
do sfs.reset
global.fs = sfs
global.fixtures = (opts) ->
do sfs.reset
sfs.applySync opts
global[k] = v for own k, v of require './src/index'