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Transmission Torrent Downloader


On any supported page (which currently includes the Torrentz individual torrent pages and any page containing a magnet link), a chrome page action will be made available to aid in the torrent starting process.

chrome page action

When clicked, a chrome "popup" will be displayed. The target server will be displayed at the top. Press the button to initiate the torrent-adding process.

initiate torrent download

You will see a stream of status messages followed by either a green success message or a red error message. In the event that a green success message was output, the torrent should now be added to the transmission server.

successful output

Note: This extension requires the Transmission HTTP RPC. This can be enabled through the preferences GUI when using transmission-gtk or by setting the rpc-enabled and related rpc-* values in transmission-daemon's settings.json file when using transmission-daemon.


  • Adds torrents to a transmission server (remote or local)

  • (optionally) Adds all trackers from tracker aggregation websites

  • Saves and optionally encrypts login information

    encryption prompt

  • Adds additional, specified trackers to each torrent

options page


  1. Download the transmissionDownload.crx file
  2. Open it with chrome
  3. Accept security warnings


  • warn on attempted use without required settings such as invalid host/port
  • test on transmission server that doesn't use authentication
  • use proper node function signatures (first argument should be err)
    • handle errors by adding retry button (must be using node style callback signatures first)
  • change addTorrent signature to accept URLs, not info_hashes
    • move looping/retrying behaviour from addTorrent to event handler
    • add support for adding torrents by torrent download URL (for private torrents)
    • add contextual menu for any link: "Send to Transmission ==(submenu)=> http://host:port/path"
  • don't make user type in password repeatedly (send request to background page to store password in closure for X seconds)
  • don't require save button on options page
  • find a way to test this thing
  • keyboard shortcut
  • standardize element id naming convention (underscore or camel case)
  • find a way to make it continue even if popup is closed (web worker? do the work in the background page?)
  • publicize
  • go to transmission web interface (on torrent add) if tab is already open (see goToInbox function)
  • modularize and DRY up everything
    • function for trying an XHR with an array of inputs until we make a function pass
    • function for sending an arguments object and a method to a transmission server
  • see if I can add a context menu item for the page action that opens the web interface
  • add support for multiple servers (don't forget to no longer cache the session ID as a single value!)
  • rewrite in CoffeeScript
  • think about allowing generic handler to find any 40-character hex string anywhere
  • insert icons next to search results for extra accessibility (optional, defaulting to disabled)
  • (permanent) write handlers for some more torrent websites without magnet links or with better alternatives

Building / Releasing

  1. make clean dist
  2. Update README, screenshots
  3. Commit, tag, and push