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Commits on Mar 5, 2009
  1. @ahx

    Fixed Rake task (maybe a Ruby1.9/Rake issue)

    ahx committed
    (Using Ruby1.9, Rake 0.8.4)
    The install task wanted to run:
      sudo gem install ["ruby-processing-1.0.2.gem", "ruby-processing-1.0.3.gem"]
    Now it does:
      sudo gem install ruby-processing-1.0.2.gem ruby-processing-1.0.3.gem
    I think the issue case because Array#to_s behaves a bit different in R1.9
    ["ruby", "1.8"].to_s
    => "ruby1.8"
    ["ruby", "1.9"].to_s
    => "[\"ruby\", \"1.9\"]"
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