E2E Testing: Selenium + WebdriverIO + Mocha + Chai + Sinon
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#Selenium WebdriverIO Boilerplate with Mocha + Chai + Sinon Selenium + Node + webdriverio + phantomjs + mocha + chai + sinon

We are using Webdriverio's TestRunner, that comes with phantomjs, on top of Selenium to run all of our tests in mocha. I also included sinon so we can use it for unit testing within mocha.

Author: Michael Guild from http://threde.com



##Tech Stack

node ( Version 6^ ) https://nodejs.org

selenium-standalone https://github.com/vvo/selenium-standalone

webdriverio https://github.com/webdriverio/webdriverio/

Mocha https://mochajs.org/

Chai https://chaijs.com ( test are written in Chai with es6 )

Sinon https://sinonjs.org ( generates random units for testing )


npm install

###Note: this installation requires Node 6^ , NPM 3^ , & Java 1.8^ ##Common Errors:

  • cant connect to selenium, it might be due to vagrant or another virtual machine. run node run kill-selenium to kill all machines running on port 4444.
  • Error: Missing /usr/local/lib/node_modules/selenium-standalone/.selenium/chromedriver/XXX. goto http://chromedriver.chromium.org/ and install the latest driver.

##Run Tests

To run tests, simply run npm test.

note: npm test, runs all test within the test directory. To kill/stop all selenium instances use: npm run kill-selenium. use npm run help to see webdriverio's testrunner commands. Also, when the selenium-standalone server starts, it' running on port 4444


while developing note that Class browser.whatever() uses all the methods here: http://webdriver.io/api.html

For configuration changes, please read & refer to the wdio.config.js file. All the information on how to configure this can be found on webdriverio http://webdriver.io/guide/testrunner/configurationfile.html

The global scope for all tests is located in the before method inside of the wdio.config.js file. So, if you have any vars you want to declare for all your test to have access, you can put them there.

before: function (capabilities, specs) { ... }