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Python-Netflix is a Python library to help interface with Netflix REST API & OAuth


$ pip install python-netflix


Authorization URL
n = NetflixAPI(api_key='*your app key*',
               api_secret='*your app secret*',

auth_props = n.get_authentication_tokens()
auth_url = auth_props['auth_url']

#Store this token in a session or something for later use in the next step.
oauth_token_secret = auth_props['oauth_token_secret']

print 'Connect with Netflix via %s' % auth_url

Once you click "Allow" be sure that there is a URL set up to handle getting finalized tokens and possibly adding them to your database to use their information at a later date.'

Handling the callback
# In Django, you'd do something like
# oauth_token = request.GET.get('oauth_verifier')
# oauth_verifier = request.GET.get('oauth_verifier')

oauth_token = *Grab oauth token from URL*
oauth_verifier = *Grab oauth verifier from URL*

#Initiate the NetflixAPI class in your callback.
n = NetflixAPI(api_key='*your app key*',
               api_secret='*your app secret*',

authorized_tokens = n.get_auth_tokens(oauth_verifier)

final_oauth_token = authorized_tokens['oauth_token']
final_oauth_token_secret = authorized_tokens['oauth_token_secret']
final_user_id = authorized_tokens['user_id']

# Save those tokens and user_id to the database for a later use?
Return a list of the users Instant Queue.
# Get the final tokens from the database or wherever you have them stored

n = NetflixAPI(api_key = '*your app key*',
               api_secret = '*your app secret*',

instant_queue = n.get('users/*final_user_id*/queues/instant')
print instant_queue
Add Gabriel Iglesias: Hot and Fluffy to Instant Queue
    add_to_queue ='users/*final_user_id*/queues/instant', params={'title_ref': ''})

    print add_to_queue

    # You can also added "position" to the params to set where this media will be positioned on the users queue.
except NetflixAPIError:
    # This returns the added item if successful.
    # If it's already in the queue, it will return a NetflixAPIError, code 412
Remove Gabriel Iglesias: Hot and Fluffy to Instant Queue
# When querying for the users Queue, when iterating over the Queue items
# you can use the 'id' for the next call. Where it says *final_user_id*
# that is automatically returned from the Netflix Instant Queue response.
del_from_queue = n.delete('*final_user_id*/queues/instant/available/2/70072945')

print del_from_queue
Rate Gabriel Iglesias: Hot and Fluffy
    # Create a new rating
    create_rating ='users/*final_user_id*/ratings/title/actual/70072945', params={'rating': '5'})

    print create_rating
except NetflixAPIError:
    # This returns a status message if successful.
    # If it's already been rated, it will return a NetflixAPIError, code 422

# Update/Clear rating
update_rating = n.put('users/*final_user_id*/ratings/title/actual/70072945', params={'rating': 'no_opinion'})

print update_rating