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A native Speedrunning timer for macOS



Tip Jar



The latest stable release of Splitter is available on the Mac App Store:

Download Latest Stable Release

Beta Testing

If you're a "thrill seeker", want to help test the next version of Splitter, or just like living on the edge, you can try out the latest beta release, which is based on the dev branch

Download Latest Beta

If you can't use TestFlight, download from the Releases page

If you'd like to see what features are in the works, you can look at the Roadmap


You can suggest features, report issues, and contribute to the overall discussion about Splitter on the official Discord Server.

Supported Formats

Info about Splitter's native file format

In addition to the Splitter-native .split format, the app can edit and save the following: - LiveSplit (.lss) - (.json)

Note that some features (such as appearance and color settings) are only saved to a .split file. As such, if you don't want to have to set them every time you open the file, it's recommended to save the file as .split (by clicking "File" -> "Save as..." in the menubar). If you need to need to share it with someone who isn't using Splitter, just open the .split file, and save it in whatever other format works best.

Building Splitter

If you want to build Splitter yourself:

  • Install CocoaPods if you don't already have it installed
  • Clone this repo
  • run pod install in the project's root directory
  • Open Splitter.xcworkspace in Xcode

In order for certain features to work - namely authentications, and beta updates via Sparkle - you'll need to replace the keys in Config.xcconfig with your own personal keys - see that file for more info.


LiveSplit Core

Files by John Sundell

MASShortcut by Vadim Shpakovski

Preferences by Sindre Sorhus

Sparkle by Sparkle Project


Microsoft App Center