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Arcade Polygons Plugin

This plugin will allow you to add static polygons to your game that will collide with sprites and groups.

Example of Arcade Polygons Plugin

Getting Started

1. Add plugin to your game and enable arcade physics in the create method

// other code
create: function () {

  // Create sprites and polygons below
// other code

2. Enable arcade physics on your sprite and then enable polygon physics on it in the create method

// other code
create: function () {
  // previous code

  // Add a new sprite to the game world, using the graphics above
  this.player =, 72, 'player-sprite-image')

  // Give it an Arcade physics body that we can use

  // Enable arcade polygon collisions with sprite body
// other code

3. Create a group polygons to contain your polygons and add your polygons as sprites in the create method

// other code
create: function () {
  // previous code

  // Define a bunch of polygon vertice coordinates to render and collide against
  var polygonPoints = [
      0, 750,
      1280, 700,
      1280, 800,
      0, 800,
    // other polygon vertices

  // The group your previous sprite will collide against
  this.polygons =

  // Create a polygon from each polygon point defined above, polygonPoints)
// other code

4. Check for collisions in the update method

// other code
update: function () {, this.polygons)
// other code

API, vertices)

Will apply the provided vertices to the Phaser sprite or group's children. If applied to a group all the children will share the same vertices.

const sprite =, 0, 'player')

const vertices = [
  0, 0,
  5, 10,
  1, 2
], vertices), vertices)

This will add a SAT.Polygon to the provided body using the vertices to create SAT.Vectors.

Enable the given sprite body with a box polygon. This is the only method that will take the height and width of a sprite to construct a polygon. Every other method will require you to provide vertices.

const sprite =, 0, 'player'), polygonPoints, scope)

Create polygons from an array of points and add them to the defined group. This is very useful for creating the ground for a map.

const polygonPoints = [
    [0, 0],
    [5, 10],
    [1, 2]
    [100, 100],
    [105, 110],
    [101, 102]
const ground =, polygonPoints, this)


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