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Whofields is an HTML field rendering and input validation utility library written in Common Lisp.

Whofields depends on CL-WHO. Whofields is being developed with SBCL, CCL, and LispWorks on OS X. Whofields is being deployed with SBCL on Linux/AMD64.

Field Specifiers

Whofields defines the notion of a field specifier--a fieldspec--to specify the name, label, and control-specific properties of a field. Whofields currently supports :TEXT, :PASSWORD, :SELECT, :RADIO, and :CHECKBOX fieldspecs.

Whofields provides functions for rendering HTML form controls and for validating HTTP POST and GET parameter values according to fieldspecs. However, Whofields makes no assumptions about the means of obtaining HTTP parameters; Whofields accepts either single values or alists of parameter names and values.


(ql:quickload "whofields")


(defun parse-string (x)
  (if (stringp x)
      (values (string-trim '(#\Space #\Tab #\Newline) x) t)
      (values nil nil)))

(defun parse-non-empty-string (x)
  (if (stringp x)
      (let ((x (string-trim '(#\Space #\Tab #\Newline) x)))
        (if (string/= "" x)
            (values x t)
            (values nil nil)))
      (values nil nil)))

(defparameter *provinces*
  '(("AB" . "Alberta)
    ("BC" . "British Columbia")
    ("MB" . "Manitoba")
    ("NB" . "New Brunswick")
    ("NL" . "Newfoundland and Labrador")
    ("NT" . "Northwest Territories")
    ("NS" . "Nova Scotia")
    ("NU" . "Nunavut")
    ("ON" . "Ontario")
    ("PE" . "Prince Edward Island")
    ("QC" . "Quebec")
    ("SK" . "Saskatchewan")
    ("YT" . "Yukon")))

(defparameter *registration-fieldspecs*
  (list (list 'username :text :label "Corporation" :validation-function #'parse-non-empty-string
              :placeholder "Corporation")
        (list 'full-name :text :label "Full Name" :validation-function #'parse-non-empty-string
              :placeholder "Full Name")
        (list 'email :text :label "Email" :validation-function #'parse-non-empty-string
               :placeholder "Email")
        (list 'email2 :text :label "Email (confirm)" :validation-function #'parse-non-empty-string
              :placeholder "Email (confirm)")
        (list 'phone :text :label "Phone" :validation-function #'parse-non-empty-string
              :placeholder "Phone")
        (list 'alt-phone :text :label "Alt. Phone" :validation-function #'parse-string
              :placeholder "Alt. Phone")
        (list 'address :text :label "Address" :validation-function #'parse-non-empty-string
              :placeholder "Address")
        (list 'city :text :label "City" :validation-function #'parse-non-empty-string
              :placeholder "City")
        (list 'province :select :label "Province"
              :options *provinces* :key #'car :label-function #'cdr :test #'string=)
        (list 'postal-code :text :label "Postal Code" :validation-function #'parse-non-empty-string
              :placeholder "Postal Code")
        (list 'agrees-to-mailing-list :label "I want to join the mailing list" :checkbox :truep t)))

(defparameter *registration-fieldvals*
  (list (cons 'username "")
        (cons 'full-name "")
        (cons 'email "")
        (cons 'email2 "")
        (cons 'phone "")
        (cons 'alt-phone "")
        (cons 'address "")
        (cons 'city "")
        (cons 'province "ON")
        (cons 'postal-code "")
        (cons 'agrees-to-mailing-list nil)))

(defun render-registration-page (fieldvals fielderrs &optional (stream *standard-output*))
  (with-html-page (stream)
    (:div :class "container"
          (when fielderrs
             (:div :class "alert alert-danger" "Please correct the issues highlighted below.")))
         (:form :action "/registration" :method "post"
                (dolist (fieldspec *registration-fieldspecs*)
                  (let ((name (whofields:fieldspec-name fieldspec))
                        (label (whofields:fieldspec-label fieldspec)))
                     (:div :class (if (member name fielderrs) "form-group has-error" "form-group")
                           (:label :for (string-downcase name) :class "control-label col-sm-2"
                                   (cl-who:esc label))
                           (:div :class "col-sm-10"
                                 (whofields:render-field stream
                                                         (cdr (assoc name fieldvals))))))))
                (:div :class "form-group"
                      (:div :class "col-sm-12"
                            (:button :type "submit" :class "btn btn-primary" "Register")))))))

(hunchentoot:define-easy-handler (handle-registration :uri (princ-to-string "/registration"))
  (setf (hunchentoot:content-type*) "text/html; charset=utf-8")
  (cond ((equal (hunchentoot:request-method*) :post)
         (multiple-value-bind (fieldvals fielderrs)
             (whofields:validate-fields *registration-fieldspecs*
           (unless (string= (hunchentoot:post-parameter "email")
                            (hunchentoot:post-parameter "email2"))
             (push 'email2 fielderrs))
           (if fielderrs
               (with-output-to-string (stream)
                 (render-registration-page fieldvals fielderrs stream))
                 (model:register fieldvals)
                 (hunchentoot:redirect "/registration-complete")))))
        ((equal (hunchentoot:request-method*) :get)
         (with-output-to-string (stream)
           (render-registration-page *registration-fieldvals* '() stream)))))


Whofields is distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE.