Script to create TiddlyWiki 5 Tiddlers out of FreeMind .mm files.
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mm2tiddlywikitext - Scripts for creating tiddlers out of mind maps.

This is a simple script to create importable TiddlyWiki 5 tiddlers out of FreeMind XML. The current version generates a tiddler JSON file with each map converted to TiddlyWiki 5's wikitext, using a simple outline style.

It is also possible, of course, to export mind maps as SVGs or PNGs and incorporate these directly into a tiddlywiki. Nothing here is of use if you want to do that - just export the map as the image format of your choice then drag and drop it onto the running wiki.


The current version offers just an XSLT.

The easiest option is to use it directly from within FreeMind. Go to File > Export > Using XSLT.... In the dialog that pops up, provide the path to stylesheet.xslt and an output location. This will create a TiddlyWiki 5 JSON file that can be imported into TiddlyWiki.

You also can apply it directly with XML Starlet ( like so:

xmlstarlet  tr ./stylesheet.xslt /path/to/ > my.json

I will hopefully be adding a wrapper script soon to simplify matters.


Currently, just the map structure is parsed. Icons, edges and font settings are ignored.

Also, general <richcontent> HTML nodes are not handled.


Validating JSON before committing is a good idea. Here is a shell statement example:

 xmlstarlet tr ./stylesheet.xslt test/ | python -m json.tool 


  • Add some basic hyperlink support.
  • Look at Unicode / emoji stand-ins for icons.
  • Develop a wrapper script of some sort to make this more convenient to call.