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Commits on Nov 26, 2011
Commits on Nov 24, 2011
  1. || the SHELL return state with "true"

    As described in the comment we want to guarantee a zero return status
    from the command so that our wrapper doesn't exit before unmounting and
    removing the directory.
    committed Nov 24, 2011
  2. Add potentially useful environment variables

    This does introduce a dependency on "readlink" which isn't a POSIX
    standard command but is presumably common enough with Alembic users.
    committed Nov 24, 2011
  3. Switch to using POSIX sh for the wrappers and loading the User's SHELL

    Instead of lazily relying on tcsh for both the wrapper and shell run for
    the AFS session, we switch to "sh" which should also be available and
    then run the user's SHELL (from the environment) for the AFS session.
    Tested with zsh.
    committed Nov 24, 2011
Commits on Nov 21, 2011
  1. Move wrapper scripts to bin folder and add path detection for binary

    So that we don't have the path to my development structure hard coded
    into the wrappers. We discover the path from the zeroth argument and use
    that to find the alembic-fs binary.
    committed Nov 21, 2011
  2. Remove xattr methods until we understand them better

    When we include them, our sessions end up trying to call "lgetxattr"
    which I'm not sure how to implement/hook in to so it seems to call some
    version out of our control and get a "No such file or directory" error
    on our paths.
    It is possible that implementing xattrs would be useful down the road
    for some meta-data but it isn't necessary for now and remove these gets
    rid of the errors.
    committed Nov 21, 2011
  3. Minor tweaks copied in from other FUSE projects

    They seem like a good idea but I'm not sure how necessary they are.
    committed Nov 21, 2011
  4. Don't complain if the directory already exists

    It'll error in otherways if the directory exists and is not empty when
    we run alembic-fs, so we don't really need to worry. I think.
    committed Nov 21, 2011
Commits on Nov 19, 2011
  1. Add JsonValuesPropertyView

    Shows the min, max and full values array as a json object inside a file
    called "json". eg:
    	$ cat .ops/json
            "values" : [ 16, 32, 32, 32, 0 ],
            "max" : 32,
            "min" : 0
    committed Nov 19, 2011
  2. Refactor repeated switch statement into a PropertyHandler class

    Best viewed with "ignore space change"
    We remove the large switch statement into a separate class that is
    templated on functors with handle the specific logic for each case.
    There is still some repetition in the logic, but this is an improvement.
    committed Nov 19, 2011
  3. Added MaxValuePropertyView

    Adds a "max" file at the property value level With the max value of the
    committed Nov 19, 2011
  4. Add basic MinValuePropertyView

    Provides a property level file called "min" which has the min value of
    the property.
    committed Nov 19, 2011
  5. Add OutputTrait specialisation for bool_t

    So that we can use it with std::numeric_limits.
    committed Nov 19, 2011
  6. Move values logic out into separate "PropertyView" class

    The idea is that we'll be able to somewhat modularly add new
    PropertyViews for different functionality and information.
    committed Nov 17, 2011
  7. Update AlembicFS instance creation

    Use explicit instance creation and use constructor arguments instead of
    setter methods.
    committed Nov 16, 2011
  8. Switched to recursive Makefiles

    As vim wasn't picking up the errors properly from the last setup.
    committed Nov 16, 2011
  9. Refactor classes out to their separate files

    To clean up the main code a little.
    committed Nov 15, 2011
  10. Honesty

    committed Nov 19, 2011
Commits on Nov 15, 2011
  1. Switch to having "values" file

    To open up future possibilities we move away from having the values in a
    file named after the scalar or array attribute and instead make the
    attribute name a folder and put a "values" file inside that.
    This allows us to have other files at the same level. For example,
    "min", "max" and "average" might be reasonable.
    Best to view this diff with ignore whitespace on.
    committed Nov 15, 2011
Commits on Oct 15, 2011
  1. Support boolean ArrayProperties and change boolean ScalarProperty output

    Turns out supporting boolean attributes is pretty easy provided we're
    happy to output 1's and 0's instead of trues and falses but that's
    alright by me for the moment.
    committed Oct 15, 2011
  2. Cover all the basic types for ArrayProperties

    We've left out strings and booleans though hopefully that latter is
    pretty simple. No idea about the former.
    committed Oct 15, 2011
  3. Add OutputTraits to handle output types

    Instead of having a separate template argument for the read*Property
    functions we use a trait system instead.
    committed Oct 15, 2011
  4. Move code to a src folder

    committed Oct 15, 2011
  5. Add debug version of abcd

    To avoid having to have the debug flag in abcd and not ever quite
    commiting it.
    committed Oct 15, 2011